It’s That Time of Year

So my husband’s cousin has posted that there is only 6 days till Christmas.  I’m not sure I like Christmas.  I like the season…but I don’t like the day.   There is so much hype in the days leading up to Christmas and then it’s a big let-down when it’s over.  Everyone takes their tree and decorations down.  No more Christmas music is heard playing.  It’s sad.  =(  

I keep my decorations up till February (not the tree, obviously).  I like to think of decorating for the season, not the day.  We decorate for summer and fall…why not winter?  Why is January such a depressive month?  I mean, think about it people!!!!  You just took down and packed away all the pretty lights and greenery. 

Green plants are known to boost happiness in people…take that away = depression.  

I actually like January…it always brings snow. I like snow.  I can’t wait to take D sledding!!!   So excited.  Yeah, not so excited about the freezing cold rain pelting my window right now.  I’m staying very happy, snug and dry in my apartment.

So…I thought this week I would share some of my decorations, starting, today, with the pictures I snapped of D to mail out in Christmas cards.  It took me at least a half hour to get some good ones!   He’s so active now.  And, I wasn’t totally sure what setting to have my camera on.  But I was pretty happy with the finished one.

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However, some of them turned out more like this:



Hehehe…yup, that’s my boy!   Total drama king just like his parents (I admit it, we’re both a bit dramatic!)IMG_3884

Not sure why he squished so much….but, hehe, oh well.  He’s pretty awesome.  Love my sunshine!


Ok, and I haven’t forgotten about my Christmas carol stumpers…here’s another for you!

Jehovah deactivate blithe chavaliers

Leave me a comment if you can figure it out! =)


The Answers!!!

Here are the answers to the first four Christmas songs.

Castaneous-coloured seed vesicated in conflagration =

                              Chestnuts Roasting By an Open Fire

Loyal Followers Advance

                              O Come All Ye Faithful

Arrival time: 2400 hours Weather: Cloudless =

                               It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Felicitous Sonic Tones at Altitude

                               Ding Dong Merrily on High or Angels We Have Heard on High


How did you do?  I know Jess and Nicole got two of them between them.  Come back next week for some more laughs.   They get easier from here on out, hehe.

Happy Saturday Everyone!   Do you have all your Christmas shopping done?


For His Glory,



Christmas Carol…

I couldn’t let today pass without posting another Christmas carol/song for you all to have fun with. I will post the answers on Saturday morning so if you’re stumped on one it won’t be long.

Here’s today’s!

Arrival time: 2400 hours, Weather: cloudless

Have fun!  =)

Come back tomorrow for one more before the weekend.   I’ll be posting more next week. 

Supporting Our Troops

This past weekend I watched a movie called “The Last Ounce of Courage”.  It was a movie about a man who loses his on in war.  His grandson, almost 15 years later, comes to spend Christmas with him and shows him how America is taking our freedom of religion by not allowing us to publicly talk about Christmas.  It was an amazing movie with a great ending.  I highly recommend it.

After the movie, my thoughts went, once again, to the set of cards I had quilted a few months back. I posted about them here.

I try, every year, to send out Christmas cards to Canadians soldiers, but, some years, I’ll admit they didn’t make it out.  This year was shaping up to be one of those until I remembered them yesterday.

Apparently I am well past the date that they posted to make sure they get overseas…but, overall, it doesn’t matter when they get there, so long as our soldiers know that we are thinking about them.


I used my quilted and painted cards to write a short, meaningful message about the season.  I added a verse from Luke 2 (KJV).

Then I went to the Canadian Forces website here to find an address.  There are a lot of different places you can send a card to.

This would be a great project for a school classroom at ANY time of year!

I’ve even had replies to my notes.

So, take a moment to address a card to a Canadian soldier and let them know that we are praying for their safety and for peace throughout the season.

For His Glory,


And for our second Christmas carol…leave me a comment if you can figure it out!

Loyal Followers Advance!

Monday Musings

Yes…we are back to the hot topic of Monday’s Musings! 

This weekend was a busy one with our adult Christmas party on Friday night at church and then our community carol sing on Saturday afternoon. 

Friday night was a ton of fun!  We enjoyed a lot of food and fellowship with our church family for about 3 hours.  Lots of fun games and a present swap made the night a blast.  One of the games I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks in bits and pieces.  I’ll explain more below.

Saturday we had planned a wonderful afternoon of singing carols with some specials by our church and another couple that joined us from the valley.  We had 7 visitors, I think.  What a blessing. 

And I have to apologize to the men’s quartet again.  I was supposed to transpose the song down two keys and I TOTALLY FORGOT!  They had claimed, though, that they couldn’t sing as high as the song went – guess what????   THEY SANG EVERY NOTE SPOT ON!  Haha.  It was great.  They did an awesome job on “Truth Is Marching On”… lots of enthusiasm from them.  

And the children’s song “Come On Ring Those Bells” was adorable!  I love hearing children sing. 

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to sing along with the ladies on “Jesus Is Born” – one of my favorite Christmas songs. 

Overall it was a great afternoon. 

I don’t have any pictures but I know some people took some so if I can snag some I’ll post them later on.

Sunday I spent at home with a sick little boy.  The busy weekend proved to be a little much for him.  He was already suffering from a cold and it sent him over the edge.  He fell asleep on the way home from the church Saturday afternoon (it’s a 5 minute drive).  He’s never fallen asleep on the way home before.  And he slept on Hazen’s shoulder the whole way up to our apartment (also a first!)   It was cute.  He was definitely VERY tired. 

So…our pastor shared a game with us on Friday night that I had a blast with.  Hazen and I worked on it together and our two heads were MUCH better than one!   So I thought I would share it with you over the next couple of weeks.

This is how it works:

Each Christmas carol or song is written in Old English or scientific language.  Without using a dictionary (but you may use a hymnbook although not all will be in the hymnbook) see if you can figure out which song is being represented:

Here is the first one (and it made me laugh the most).  Leave your answers in the comment section.

Castaneous-coloured seed vesicated in conflagration


Happy Monday My Friends!

For His Glory,


Keeping Secrets

Sometimes it’s a Good Thing to Keep Secrets


    In our day and age it’s very hard to keep parts of our lives secret from other people.  Social media has demanded that we open every facet of our life for the perusal of others.

    Today I was reading in Luke 2 and verse 19 really grabbed my attention.  “

“But Mary kept all these things,

and pondered them in her heart.”

    This means that she kept something to herself.  She meditated on what had happened to her family.  She didn’t tweet about it, or update her status for everyone to see.  She didn’t call her best friend on the telephone and discuss it in great detail.  She pondered it in her heart

     She thought about, meditated on it, probably even prayed and talked to God about the events that had transpired.

      Sometimes it’s a good thing to keep things to ourselves.  To think about their relevance to our lives.  Instead of telling everyone every little detail of our lives.  Maybe God had a blessing just for you.  A gift for you to treasure the way Mary did. 

     This Christmas take a moment to think about the blessings God has given you in the last hour, day, week, month, or year.  And just meditate on them.  Don’t share them with anyone.  Allow those blessings to be just yours.  


For His Glory,