30 Days of Homemade Gift Giving

Hey Everyone!

I know sifting through pages and pages of my blog can be frustrating when you’re trying to find that one post.  So I am posting a link to the different homemade gifts we’ve been talking about it.   I hope this helps you all to be able to find what you are looking for.

Day #1 – Crocheted Nativity Set

Day #2 – Quiet Books for Children (no sew)

Day #3 – Personalized Dinnerware (no sew)

Day #4 – Homemade Sugar Scrubs (no sew)

Day #5 – Potted Plants (no sew)

Day #6 – Quilted Note Cards

Day #7 – Dates in a Basket (no sew)

Day #8 – Food in a Jar (no sew)

Day #9 – Items in a Jar (no sew)

Day #10 – Fabric Boxes (no sew)

Day #11 – Diaper Sack

Day #12 – Family Recipe Book (no sew)

Day #13 – I-Spy Book (no sew)

Day #14 – Bath Salts (no sew)

Day #15 – Bath Bombs/Fizzies (no sew)

Day #16 – Fleece Blankets and Pillows (no sew)

Day #17 – Hat and Scarf

Day #18 – Prince/Princess Crowns

Day #19 – Fleece Neck Warmer

Day#20 – Scented Sachets

Day#21 – Man’s Tie

Day #22     Tree Ornaments (no sew)

Day #23      Pinecone Firestarters  (no sew)

Day #24     Keychain/Card holder

Day #25     Wreath   (no sew)

Day #26    Candy Cane Playdough (no sew)

Day #27    Pajama Pants

Day #28    Washer Necklaces (no sew)

Day #29     Liquid Soap (no sew)

Day #30    Clothespin Crafts (no sew)


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