It’s That Time of Year

So my husband’s cousin has posted that there is only 6 days till Christmas.  I’m not sure I like Christmas.  I like the season…but I don’t like the day.   There is so much hype in the days leading up to Christmas and then it’s a big let-down when it’s over.  Everyone takes their tree and decorations down.  No more Christmas music is heard playing.  It’s sad.  =(  

I keep my decorations up till February (not the tree, obviously).  I like to think of decorating for the season, not the day.  We decorate for summer and fall…why not winter?  Why is January such a depressive month?  I mean, think about it people!!!!  You just took down and packed away all the pretty lights and greenery. 

Green plants are known to boost happiness in people…take that away = depression.  

I actually like January…it always brings snow. I like snow.  I can’t wait to take D sledding!!!   So excited.  Yeah, not so excited about the freezing cold rain pelting my window right now.  I’m staying very happy, snug and dry in my apartment.

So…I thought this week I would share some of my decorations, starting, today, with the pictures I snapped of D to mail out in Christmas cards.  It took me at least a half hour to get some good ones!   He’s so active now.  And, I wasn’t totally sure what setting to have my camera on.  But I was pretty happy with the finished one.

1 Print 4Print 6


However, some of them turned out more like this:



Hehehe…yup, that’s my boy!   Total drama king just like his parents (I admit it, we’re both a bit dramatic!)IMG_3884

Not sure why he squished so much….but, hehe, oh well.  He’s pretty awesome.  Love my sunshine!


Ok, and I haven’t forgotten about my Christmas carol stumpers…here’s another for you!

Jehovah deactivate blithe chavaliers

Leave me a comment if you can figure it out! =)


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