Supporting Our Troops

This past weekend I watched a movie called “The Last Ounce of Courage”.  It was a movie about a man who loses his on in war.  His grandson, almost 15 years later, comes to spend Christmas with him and shows him how America is taking our freedom of religion by not allowing us to publicly talk about Christmas.  It was an amazing movie with a great ending.  I highly recommend it.

After the movie, my thoughts went, once again, to the set of cards I had quilted a few months back. I posted about them here.

I try, every year, to send out Christmas cards to Canadians soldiers, but, some years, I’ll admit they didn’t make it out.  This year was shaping up to be one of those until I remembered them yesterday.

Apparently I am well past the date that they posted to make sure they get overseas…but, overall, it doesn’t matter when they get there, so long as our soldiers know that we are thinking about them.


I used my quilted and painted cards to write a short, meaningful message about the season.  I added a verse from Luke 2 (KJV).

Then I went to the Canadian Forces website here to find an address.  There are a lot of different places you can send a card to.

This would be a great project for a school classroom at ANY time of year!

I’ve even had replies to my notes.

So, take a moment to address a card to a Canadian soldier and let them know that we are praying for their safety and for peace throughout the season.

For His Glory,


And for our second Christmas carol…leave me a comment if you can figure it out!

Loyal Followers Advance!


6 thoughts on “Supporting Our Troops

    • Haha – someone said Onward Christian Soldiers Friday night, too. Definitely not a Christmas carol…lol. They are not all carols, though…some are just Christmas songs…so don’t get hung up on the carol aspect…keep working on Mondays. =)

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