Keeping Secrets

Sometimes it’s a Good Thing to Keep Secrets


    In our day and age it’s very hard to keep parts of our lives secret from other people.  Social media has demanded that we open every facet of our life for the perusal of others.

    Today I was reading in Luke 2 and verse 19 really grabbed my attention.  “

“But Mary kept all these things,

and pondered them in her heart.”

    This means that she kept something to herself.  She meditated on what had happened to her family.  She didn’t tweet about it, or update her status for everyone to see.  She didn’t call her best friend on the telephone and discuss it in great detail.  She pondered it in her heart

     She thought about, meditated on it, probably even prayed and talked to God about the events that had transpired.

      Sometimes it’s a good thing to keep things to ourselves.  To think about their relevance to our lives.  Instead of telling everyone every little detail of our lives.  Maybe God had a blessing just for you.  A gift for you to treasure the way Mary did. 

     This Christmas take a moment to think about the blessings God has given you in the last hour, day, week, month, or year.  And just meditate on them.  Don’t share them with anyone.  Allow those blessings to be just yours.  


For His Glory,



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