Some Glitz and Glam–Day #28

Only a couple more days until we are done with our 30 days in Handmade November series.  We’re down to the wire.  For our last few days I wanted to bring you some more no-sew ideas.  I know not everyone has a sewing machine…or even likes sewing, in general. 

I saw the idea for washer necklaces floating around on Pinterest and I have to admit that when I first attempted this I felt it was a colossal failure.  All the tutorials said just to slap on some modge podge, add some scrapbook paper, and voila!  Well, it wasn’t quite that simple.  My paper didn’t shave off close to the edge very well, so it looked cheap.  I hated it.  And they got thrown in a basket and left there for a few months.  Yup, months.

Then, one day I came across one tutorial that suggested using nail polish to “paint” the washers.  And they looked adorable!  BUT, I knew before I even started that I would never achieve the same look.  I can’t even paint cool designs on my toes with nail polish brushes.  So I held off, and held on to those washers.

Until ONE DAY I had a light bulb moment.  Fabric paint!  Certain kinds of fabric paint containers come with a pointed tip.  I use them all the time to do fun designs on fabric projects.  So I thought, why not try it out on my washers?  Using my scrapbook paper designs that were already glued on the washers, I used the fabric paint to embellish.



My favorite is the Christmassy one.  I love holly.  But I think they all turned out pretty good.

The washers cost me about $.30 for the big ones, I think (it was a while ago that I bought them).  The scrapbook paper was some that I had sitting around my house (most of it was given to me).  The yarn and fabric paint that I used to embellish were also around the house but for sake of argument – the fabric paints cost me about $1.29 for each colour and the yarn comes in a huge ball for $3.97.  So, really, this project would cost less than $1 to make. 

I took three strands of yarn and braided them to make the chain for the washer.  I’m even thinking that these would be cute as bracelets if you used the smaller washers.

I love that the yarn has a glittery strand in it.  Just adds some glitz to it.



I even used the fabric paint on the edges of this one and the Christmas one.

They are pretty easy to make and look nice when dressed up.  I thought just the scrapbook paper made them look too dull.  I have seen a few tutorials where you can get this gel that puffs up over the top.  It looks neat but I have no clue where you would buy it.

Let me know if you try this out!  Happy Crafting


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