Day #26–These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I always LOVED playing with play dough when I was a kid.  We didn’t have the fancy store bought kind, nor did we have all the special tools that they have out now (do kids really have no imagination that they need those to create cool things?).  But, oh, it was fun.

Today I want to bring a really easy home-made recipe that I, sort of, came up with on my own.  I used this recipe from artfulparent as a base.  However, 5 cups of anything sounds like a lot.  I wasn’t prepared to package up 100 jars of playdough, hehe.  AND, I had no cream of tartar so I had to adlib.  This is how I did it.

Amanda’s Recipe:

2 1/2 cups water

2 cups salt

3 TBS lemon juice (you can also use vinegar – it will apparently do the same thing as the cream of tartar)

5 to 6 TBS of oil – depending on how oily you want it.  (I think I did 6 and it is quite oily)

2- 3 cups of Flour

Food colouring

Peppermint extract


Put the water, lemon juice, and salt in a pot and cook until it is hot.  (Artful parent says to put the food colouring in here but I realized after I started to add it that this will negate white play dough…so I stopped but I already some in there so I got a nice pink tinge to it – SO WAIT to put the food colouring in)

Add oil.

Stir in flour, a cup at a time until the play dough pulls away from the pan and is no longer sticky.  (I actually took it out of the pot before it reached this stage and kneaded in the extra flour until it was the consistency I liked – but be careful! it will be hot).

Add food colouring and extract and knead until it is smooth.

FYI about the food colouring – kneading it into the your dough will cause your hands to be stained.  However, I washed a sink full of dishes and showered after I was done and most of it had washed out at that point.  By the next morning my hands were normal again.  So, you can add it into the liquids at the beginning – but you won’t end up with white unless you make two pots.

ALSO – it will take a lot of food colouring to make a nice dark red.  I wasn’t even completely satisfied with the shade I ended up with.  Just so you know.

Add a pretty ribbon and you have a wonderful gift that will fit in a stocking or in a pretty gift bag.


I had enough to fill these four jars … and a large butter container (I didn’t want to use more jars, lol).


Don’t you love my red and pink snow man?  hehe

And, after you play with this, your hands will smell amazing!  Yum…peppermint.


2 thoughts on “Day #26–These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

    • Yeah – I pinned it too, but, like I said, I didn’t like the recipe that was on the page…but, it turned out…I’m putting my jars on my table this weekend at the craft market. I wasn’t going to use more but I can probably get six jars of it. Then if they don’t sell I’ll give them away…lol.

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