Day #24–Keep track of Your Keys!

I have seen some really cute tutorials out there for making keychains.  I love having something big on my keychain because I’m forever losing my keys.

Today I’m going to show you a tutorial of a keychain/card holder that I whipped up today.  I attempted to follow someone’s tutorial but I was very confused (chock it up to being tired?) so I just came up with something and it turned out great!

I started with two pieces of material. (I’m missing pictures of this step…sorry!) I used a jean and a pretty print for this one.  The jean piece was about 6 or 7 inches long and I folded it in half (use one of your debit cards/license, etc. to check the size.  You want your cards to fit inside the pocket created here, snugly.  Your second piece will be just a little longer than your card (you want this piece to fold over the top with some velcro on it so your cards don’t fall out).

And you need one narrow piece of material or twill tape…fold it over the keychain and just baste it so it stays folded


Put your material (right sides together with your folded jean – you want the wrong side of your pretty fabric facing out)…and insert the keychain so that the circle is towards the top of your pocket…basted end IN the seam you are sewing and sew up three sides.


Folded jean material and pretty fabric…right sides together.


Can you see that little piece attached to the circle in there?  3 layers = pretty fabric, keychain piece (or twill tape), and folded jean material.

Then turn your pretty fabric right side out (will give you two pockets on the inside)…just give a tug on the keychain and it should turn pretty easy

Add some velcro pieces to keep it closed and voila!



I love my keychain/card holder.  I can throw my license, money, whatever when I go on walks with D…and I don’t have to carry everything with me.  I’m sure a lot of people would love one of these as a gift.  AND…they use up some of those scraps of fabric you have laying around (we all keep those little scraps because some day we might need for something! lol)

There are a couple of other neat ideas as well…

You could make a lanyard (includes some extra hardware)

The Loopy Lanyard

This one is from – you can download the pattern for it on the right hand side of the page.

And this is a serious scrap buster tute from Craftiness is not Optional

The one I did above took me all of 10 minutes to make…so you could whip up a number of these in no time at all.  They would make great gifts for a Sunday school class (teens obviously) or a mom’s group, or co-workers…seriously easy!

And you know what?  I think you could even make this no-sew by hot gluing your seams instead of sewing them…would probably be even faster if you don’t have to fool with thread and machines.  Wow…the possibilites!


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