The Fire is So Delightful!–Day #23

Who doesn’t love a warm, cozy fireplace on a cold, wintry night?  Sigh…I think woodstoves are comfort…(cue the record ripping to a stop!)

Yup…I lived in a house with a wood stove for a year and it was not quite as enjoyable as I had always imagined.  My friend and I could NEVER get the thing to light…talk about frustrating.  She was better at it than I was…I would go through reams of paper and pieces of sticks trying to get it to take…smoking myself out sometimes… was such a mess.

I wish someone had suggested (or gifted to me) these adorable Pinecone Fire Starters:

This picture is from

And this one is from

The basic idea behind these is the same…and every website pretty much follows the same tutorial…so I’ll write it out here – but definitely check out the above websites for great ideas regarding these.

Pinecone Fire Starters:



twine (or candle wick)

double broiler (or a saucepan and a large glass measuring cup)

cooking oil

essential oils (optional)

candle wax (about 3/4 cup per pinecone) – but on the second website above she wrote that she heard parrafin wax is more flammable…worth a thought

various containers for putting the pinecones in to cool


Boil water in your pot and melt the wax (either in the glass or in a double broiler) and add a few drops of essential oil (can you imagine giving off the scent of lavender while starting a fire…umm, yes, please!)

Wrap the twine around and through the base of the pinecone (it says not to cut it but I would think if you left a long tail it would be okay to cut)

Find a container that the pinecone sits in well (you could try an egg carton ) – if using a glass container use the cooking oil to rub the inside of the container down (do it well so the pinecone will come out easily and you won’t have a huge wax mess to clean up!)

When the was has melted, slowly pour the wax into the container with your pinecone (about 3/4 cup per pinecone – if you aren’t sure how much is in there you can always add more wax once the pinecone has cooled and you’ve checked it)

When you go to pull the pinecone out, twist it a bit so you’re pulling the pinecone straight up (you could dislodge it from the wax). 

At this point you can add a little tag to it (especially if you’ve added essential oils) so people know what it is…wrap it and gift to someone you know who either has a fireplace/woodstove…or is an avid camper (would work great on those camp fires!

This tutorial is taken from…for full details and pictures make sure to check out the site.


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