You Can Dress’m Up–Day #21

I LOVE seeing men (and boys) all dressed up.  There’s just something about a tie, dress pants, maybe a vest and a hat.  It looks so sharp compared to their normal, play-in-the-mud, t-shirt look.

I am so excited about sharing with you today one of my favorite tutorials from the internet – a boy’s tie!  AND…if you’re really feeling adventurous there are free tutorials for making a man’s tie as well.  However, I bought a pattern to make H a vest for Christmas and it has a tie pattern included…so I decided not to try that tute.

This comes from Sharing the Wealth.  You can head over there to download the pattern.

I have made scores of these already…and adapted the pattern so I can continue making Little Man ties until he fits the ones from my bought pattern.


This is an old picture and someday he’ll probably hate me for it, hehehe.  Don’t you just love those curls?  One thing I love about this tie is that he doesn’t have to wear a dress shirt with it.  I have paired a long-sleeved onesie, a vest and this tie (and doesn’t he look adorable?)  Wish I had a picture to show you!


Here he is with it under a dress shirt.IMG_3295

This is a black one I made.

These work up in less than an hour.  AND, for an added bonus your men could have matching ties for Christmas!


And check out my top menu bar!  I’ve added another page where you can find all my ideas for homemade gifts in one place!  Happy gift making!


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