A Sweet Savour–Day #20

Most of us have memories of our mothers or grandmothers having a sweet smell about them that we remember.  My mom’s was always Red Door, a perfume that my dad bought for her.  It will always conjure up memories of my mom when I catch a whiff of it from somewhere.

The Bible talks about our lives being a sweet savour to the lost world.  I always loved that analogy.  I don’t like to stink!

Years ago, women used natural scents.  I remember hearing people say how their grandmother always smelled like lavender or lemon.  Most of that was because women always kept scented sachets in their drawers with their clothes so their clothes always smelled nice.

I love the idea of scented sachets and I have often given them for gifts to people.  Unfortunately, I find the store-bought ones often have really nasty smells to them.  Lavender is about the most normal one out there.

So, in the true spirit of handmade, I decided I had to make my own.

Homemade Scented Sachets:



Filler (I’ll explain this in more detail below)

Essential Oil



You don’t need a sewing machine to do this (although using one would make this project go really fast).

The other nice thing about this project is that you can use up little scraps of material that you might have hanging around.

I’m going to show you two different ways to make your scented sachet.

Method 1:


1. Cut two equal squares to the size you want.  Pink the edges (this is a special pair of scissors normally used for finishing seams – you may be able to use scrapbooking scissors if they’re sharp) – I doubled the material above because it was quite thin and I didn’t want it see-through.  I also used contrasting fabrics so one side is the pretty bubble fabric and the other is the plain pink.

2. With wrong sides together, sew up three sides (yes, you are sewing on the outside; you will not be turning this; because the edges are pinked you don’t need to worry about the seams).

3. For filler: I used cotton batting as filler (like pillow stuffing) and added drops of essential oils to the batting for the scent.  You can also use dried flowers but you’re still going to want to add essential oils.  If you’re using dried flowers you can use material like lace for your sachet so the flowers can be seen (or regular material like above).    Fill your sachet.

4. Sew the final edge shut.  You can embellish your sachet with ribbon or ric rac, buttons, etc.  And you’re done.


Method 2:

1. Cut your fabric into two (or 4) rectangle squares.  Cutting two, extra long, pieces of fabric will negate having to sew one seam (as talked about in yesterdays post).  And you will need a piece of ribbon to tie the top with.


2. Sew up the sides so only one side is open.

3. Add you filler


(this is the cotton batting I use to fill them)

4. Wrap the ribbon around the top and tie a bow.


How easy, peasy are these to make?

Keep in mind that when giving this type of item as a gift you should always add a nice card with “Lavender Sachet” or something similar written on it.  Otherwise, the recipient will be trying to open it and wondering what it is for. =)

Have you tried any of these gift ideas out?   Leave me a comment and let me know how they’ve worked out for you!  I love getting feedback


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Savour–Day #20

    • Haha – it should look familiar! =) I like method 2 better, too…but I saw method 1 somewhere and thought I would include it.

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