My Kindgom for a Princess!

We are at Day #18 of our 30 Days in Handmade November series.  I can’t believe we’re now OVER half done.  Crazy how fast this month is going by.

Today I have another crocheted handmade gift, and I promise it’s the last crocheted item, hehe.  Can you tell I like to crochet?  But, seriously, crocheting is soooo easy!  I would love to teach people to crochet.  It’s so much fun.  And once you’ve learned all the basic stitches you can do almost anything!  AND, youtube has all these amazing videos on stitches that I’ve never heard of…and they’re so easy to learn.  So that’s my plug for crochet (because knitting bores me – sorry to all those wonderful knitters – I will admit that knit clothing looks nicer than crocheted, lol)

Okay, so on to today’s homemade gift.  This is the cutest crochet pattern EVER.


Check it out!  A crown and a tiara.  Your little prince and princess will LOVE these.  What little kid doesn’t love dress-up?  I even love wearing these.  And so does my Little Man.


Yup, I even did these cool coloured ones, too.  Sweet, eh?

You can even use these to teach your little one about the King of Kings – and His birth this season.

Psalm 45:13 says: “The King’s daughter is all glorious within…” one of my favorite passages in Scripture.  We can teach our little ones so much about Christ with this simple gift.

Okay, so here’s the super easy pattern:

Found at

I can sit down and crochet one of these in a 40 minute episode online of my favorite show (because we’re cool and don’t have cable…mwahhaha…no commercials!).  They are that easy to master.

So go make your little one happy with a crown this Christmas. =)

Happy Sunday everyone – Enjoy the day worshipping the King of Kings – for This is the Day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.


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