A Book Review!


“90 Days Through the Bible” gives you just enough background information on each section that you’re reading to give it absolute sense.  You understand the time period, what was going on in history, etc. so that you can put each book into context.  I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to do this study.  Just be aware this book is not KJV (which is super disappointing but seems to be the trend these days)…BUT, since the Scripture passages are not written out, I can read the Scripture in my own Bible.  That’s the best part.  Reading my Bible – and reading it through…all of it…in 90 days.

I’ve been having a discussion with different people about this very topic when the this book came up review from Tyndale Publishing.

I wondered how much you would actually get out of reading through the Bible in 3 months.  And I’m sure you are too!

Now, I will tell you first that I haven’t read this book in it’s entirety yet…because I have been working through another Bible study on the book of Colossians and will be starting another one for Christmas next week.  BUT, I did skim through the book and I was very impressed.  The author gives you an overview of each section that you’re reading.  So there are, literally, 90 chapters to the book.  Each chapter corresponds to how much you have to read that day.  I was actually a little astounded at how much you have to read on some days (like the entire book of Deuteronomy)

But don’t get scared.  Let me tell you how you get something out of it.

When someone writes you a letter, do you sit down down and read it one sentence at a time?  No, of course not!  You read the letter through in its entirety.  And, usually, we devour it as fast as we possibly can.  And then, sometimes, we’ll go back and read it slowly (but we still read it all at one time!).   So why do we treat the Bible any differently?  Most of the books of the Bible were written as letters.

Now, before I get stones thrown at me, I know some of them are history books, some are poetry books, etc.  Okay, so I wouldn’t sit down and read a history book all in one setting.

That being said…do you know how much more the books of the Bible makes sense when you read them all at once instead of breaking them up into parts?  I tried this with my Colossians study and it truly amazed me how the chapters just flowed together and made the whole letter make so much more sense!

This book is great study tool and I am really looking forward to using it come the new year in my devotional time each day!


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