Chase Away the Winter Chills–Day #16 in 30 Days in Handmade November

I was first introduced to making fleece blankets by a friend of mine who, I believe, makes at least one a year as a Christmas gift (if not more).  Fleece comes in so many unique patterns that it can be really fun to pick out a fabric that matches someone’s personality.  For a boy?  How about a hockey fleece.   For a girl?  How about that one with horses on it?  There are so many fabric patterns to choose from.  And the price for fleece is pretty good.  You can make a blanket for less than $10.  Now that’s a pretty good deal!  I’ll explain more below.

This year I found another pattern for making pillows using the same technique as the blankets.  How ultimately cool is that?  The one they did looked like a lion because of the ties.  It looks like the lion has a mane.  I decided to make a snowman – he kind of turned out looking like a scarecrow because of those same ties – but the idea is there.


With the sewing on of the eyes and nose, cutting out the pieces, stuffing, and tying shut, this took less than an hour.

What you need to do is take two pieces of fleece (a nice big square/rectangle for a blanket – to the dimensions you want…full bed cover, lap blanket, etc) and cut strips all along the blanket about 2 – 2 1/2 inches deep and about an inch wide.   When you’re done put the two pieces together and

a. for a blanket – tie the strips together all the way around – and you’re done!

b. for a pillow – tie the strips around leaving an opening of 10-15 strips.  Stuff.  Finish tying the strips – and you’re done!

See how easy that was?   If you want to add faces to your pillows like I’ve done above, do that before you start tying the strips.  I just hand stitched around the eyes and carrot nose.

I also used fabric paint on the back of it to put Darius’ name and Christmas 2012 (it’s a present for someone special) =0

How easy is that!  And fleece is so nice and warm even though it’s lightweight.  Perfect for car rides and cold winter nights.


2 thoughts on “Chase Away the Winter Chills–Day #16 in 30 Days in Handmade November

  1. Haha – thanks! It turned out quite well, considering it looks more like a scarecrow than a snowman…lol. But I still think it’s cute. =)

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