Day #12–30 Days in Handmade November

I love the idea of preserving favorite family recipes in a recipe book.  My sister actually received a recipe book in a binder that had been scrapbooked with childhood photos for her wedding from our next-door neighbor that she was good friends with.  I thought it was a fabulous idea.

I’ve since seen the same idea floating around on pinterest (such a great website (grin)).

If you’re into scrapbooking you can make your own using scrapbook paper and pictures.

(click on the pictures for access to the sites they’re from)

There are lots of neat ideas out there.

This one is one of my favorites from Twopeasinabucket




This one uses envelopes to create “slots” that the recipe cards fit in.  This is kinda neat looking.


Family Recipe Book


This method looks like it would take minimal scrapbooking (yeah, I don’t like scrapbooking at all…BORING, lol).  ANd it gives it a vintage look by actually using the recipe cards that belonged to “whoever”.





This one is stitched to make it look like an actual book. I really like this idea and pinned another one similar to this about book binding.



Personalized Cookbook

And this final one had to be my ultimate favorite.  I might be trying this out in the near future myself.  This website will take all your recipes and photos and create a book for you (for a fee of course).  But professionalism always goes over well when giving a gift.  Especially when it’s personalized.  It means you took a lot of effort, spending time and money on this gift.  Pretty neat if I do say so myself.

Details: (from the website)

Only $39.95, includes:

  • Personalized hardcover with lay-flat, expandable binding
  • 100 professionally printed recipes on quality, 100#paper
  • All your personal recipes with your own photos-order recipes anytime you want
  • Dedication page with a personal photo
  • Automatically created table of contents with recipe listing
  • Custom chapters-add as many as you want
  • 10 clear recipe sleeves to hold loose recipe clippings

Let me know if you try out any of the above (or have in the past) ideas of creating a family recipe book.

And, if you haven’t already, check out the previous 11 days of Handmade November.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next amazing gift idea!


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