Day #11–30 Days of Handmade November

New moms are always looking for ways to make their life easier and I have to say that this particular item made my life a lot easier.


This little diaper sack keeps my diapers together in the diaper bag.  It makes them easy to find and easy to check how many are left so I don’t end up leaving the house without diapers (at least that’s the premise…lol).

I made this from this tutorial

Baby Small Diaper Bag Tutorial

It is super easy to follow…and if you make it big enough you can also put the travel wipes container in it.  It would make an awesome gift with a bag of diapers (which every mom with children not potty trained would love).

Here are some other tutorials on making diaper sacks. (click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial)

Open pouch

I like this one (even though it’s actually written as a first aid kit – also a cool idea) but I think it would make a neat diaper clutch.  If you didn’t want to take the whole diaper bag you could just grab this clutch and throw it in your purse.

And check out this tutorial for the “anti-diaper bag”.  This one is great, too.

Hope that weary mom loves the new diaper sack you made her. =)

Happy Sewing!


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