Day #10–30 Days in Handmade November

Fabric boxes make an awesome present.  These are great for organizing any home and you can customize them for the person you are giving them to – using fabric that will coordinate with colours, etc.

You can also use to put presents IN.  You can make a lid to go over it…or just fill it with tissue paper to make it fun for someone to go digging through.




I made these boxes for my sewing using fabric scraps, paint, and modge podge.  If you use the same method just make sure that

a. you put on more than one coat of paint (and don’t paint over tape)

b. use thick fabric (or the box underneath will show through)

I also used fabric paint to label my boxes for better organization.

There are also great tutorials for sewing a complete box using various methods.

Here’s a great one for completely sewing a box using a sturdy material (and I highly recommend STURDY material – I tried using interfacing to stiffen thin cotton material and it didn’t really help)

This one shows you how to use plastic canvas (which is pretty cheap at the fabric store) to stiffen your boxes.

This is a cute round one that turns square when you snap the snaps together.

And this one is tied together with ribbons (my aunt made me one like this that I still use).

There are so many options for making fabric boxes and they are adorable.  They’re pretty simple as well and make up quickly so you can make a bunch at one time.

Come back tomorrow for a great gift for a new mom!


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