30 Days in Handmade November–Day #8

One gift idea that is super practical is the “Everything In A Jar” gift.  When I was a teacher I was the recipient of two of these from two wonderful girls in my class.  Their mother had made them up for each of their teachers.  I think they were both muffin ones, if I remember correctly, but they were so practical.  As a teacher, I often did not have the energy to go home after class, pull out all my baking accessories…and set to it.  But these little jars came in very handy when all I had to do was add the wet ingredients, stir them up, and set them in the pans.  And I’m sure a lot of working moms (or single guys) would love some of these as well.

Is your son living on his own?  Give him a few of these so he can enjoy his mother’s baking whenever he feels like it.

Do you have a friend who works outside of the home and doesn’t enjoy coming home to bake?

What about that friend that doesn’t enjoy baking at all (there are lots of people who would rather do anything than cook a batch of muffins!)?

With this recipe you can even cook the cake right in the jar and seal it…so they can eat whenever they want.  A college kid would love to get a box of these to take back to the dorm with them: Chocolate cake in a jar

Chocolate Cake in a Jar I Recipe

These Cowgirl Cookies sound like they would be AMAZING!  And look how cute they’ve decorated the jar.

Cowgirl Cookies

Here’s a Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal QuickBread in a jar…this is a pretty neat idea!

Quick bread in a bottle

There are so many possibilities out there for giving baked goods.  And if the goods aren’t cooked you don’t even have to worry about making sure the jars are sealed.  Just pop the lid on and decorate the jar.  (And don’t forget to add a card with the directions for them to bake the goods). =)

Come back tomorrow for more gift in jar ideas!

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