30 Days in Handmade November–Day #5

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day in the house of Lord yesterday.  I know I did.  Last night I went by myself as D is a little under the weather and I thoroughly enjoyed the message on the Lord’s Supper.

I realized this morning that I short changed you all in October by not finishing my Alphabet List of Blessings…I can’t believe that I never finished!  So, I apologize – and possibly I’ll get back to it in January – when things tend to become blah and we all need a pick-me-up anyways.

And, I know we were working on ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’…that I have not forgotten about and it will continue once we are done with our 30 days of Handmade Christmas gifts.  We are on Day 5 already!  Have I given you some food for thought, yet?

Today’s homemade gift is an item that I love having in my house but can’t seem to keep alive.  That item is a plant.  I LOVE having fresh herbs growing in my apartment.  There is just something about having a live plant.  I’ve heard that it actually boosts the hormone in your body that makes you have a good mood.  So making one for a friend would kill two birds with one stone as they say.  There are lots of fabulous ideas floating around in cyberspace about plant giving – from packaged seeds to the actual plant.

And, did you know that you don’t even need to use seeds for some plants?  You can use the root part of a vegetable to grow another one (including a pineapple – who knew?).   I want to grow a pineapple in our apartment but H doesn’t think it will work and says it seems like a lot of expense (buying a pot, soil, etc) for something that will fail. Sigh – he has no faith!  I have grown green onions – fairly successfully.  There are whole websites dedicated to the subject of re-growing vegetables – it’s pretty neat actually.

1– Here is how you can make a hanger for a pot from fabric strips – I’ve done this and my suggestion would be to make the strips longer.  I tried it in my apartment, though, and my plant died because it wasn’t getting the right amount of sun where the hook to hang it was, sigh.  It looked so pretty.

2THIS LINK will take you to the “growing a pineapple” site

3Seeds and pots make a fun gift as well

4– I think these Smiley Chia Heads are adorable!

These pots are for sale but I’m sure you could find pots and paint them yourself.  Usually in spring you can pick up pots at the dollar store for about $1 each.  A bag of soil costs about $1 there – and then all you have to do is get seeds or re-grow plants – the cost of this gift being UNDER $5

5– This is a unique plant called a Sansevieria Snake Plant (not sure why the “snake” part is included”)

Horty Girl Natural Elements Sansevieria Snake Plant makes for a great gift

This site is also a buy site – but I’ve seen similar plants in the local plant shop.  The website says these are great for beginner growers because they don’t need a lot of light, etc.  They would definitely make great gifts.

Any more ideas on plant giving?

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