30 days of Handmade November–Day #3

One of my favorite projects (I did this for a secret sister gift) was a set of plates with hymns written on them.  It took a bit of work to get them just right – I ended up with a set of 4 for myself as well, lol) but they did work and they were pretty durable.

From Eclectically Vintage

The only problems I’ve had so far is that some of the writing has started to fade and etch off…HOWEVER, that said I will tell you my thoughts on why this is happening.  I wrote across the entire plate (where your food sits, the sides, everything).  If you write on your plate the same way the above picture shows I don’t think you would have any problems.  The marker is etching off where your food sits – partly, I’m guess because of using a knife to cut meat, etc.

I used a glass marker to do this.  I found it on sale at Michael’s but was only able to get red (really wanted black).  Not on sale – they retail at about $25.00 for a package of 4 or 5 coloured ones.   I have been on a number of blogs where they say they used sharpies and it worked fine.  I found the glass marker I got was watery and ran for the first little while – made quite a mess and I had to wipe it all off and start over (at least I had that option).  I’m not sure if you could wipe sharpies off if you make a mistake.

Basically, you write what you want on the plate or a mug.  Then you bake it at 350 degrees for a half hour to an hour.  Easy.  And I picked up plain, cream plates at Walmart for about $1 each.  That’s about the cheapest Christmas gift you’re going to find.

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6 thoughts on “30 days of Handmade November–Day #3

  1. Thanks pertaining to informative posting. I was pleased of course this posting has aided me save many hours of checking other identical posts only so i can find what I was looking for. Just I would like to say: Thank you!

    • Good…another friend of mine tried it this past weekend and she used a scrubbie on it and it rubbed off – but she also used a Sharpie…so again, I’m not sure how good those are compared to the glass markers.

      • Any updates on how these are holding up now over a year later? I’m starting my Christmas gift planning, and I LOVE this idea……but I’d love it more if I knew it would last. 🙂

      • Hi. I actually found that over time the ink etched off the part of the plate that forks and knives touched…so if I did this again I would keep to the outer edge. I think it would still slightly fade over time with washing but overall it did hold up pretty good.

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