Handmade November Day2

I think Quiet Books are some of the neatest things going for kids.  Some of the blogs I’ve been reading about them say that they’ve been around for years…so and so’s grandmother made them one, etc.  I had never heard of quiet books until this year.  I plan on making a few for Christmas gifts – and when Darius is a bit older he’ll be getting one as well.  They are so great to keep kids quiet in church.  Here are just a few examples.  If you click on the name below the picture it should take you to the blog from where they are from (giving credit where it is due).

Peter the fisherman


Braid Queen Esther’s Hair


Music Notes – let your kids create their own songs

Noah’s Ark

Desert scene (you can use the plastic lizards from the dollar store).

This one isn’t actually a quiet book page – but the potential is there…cool, eh?  Alphabet Car Game

Quiet books are generally made completely of felt, although I have seen some made out of material  (they tend to be thicker, though).  The idea is to keep things quiet for when you are someplace where you want silence.  Some of the quiet books have pieces that velcro, snap, or zipper…I think those would be a little noisy for church, though.  I can just picture Darius sitting sticking ripping whatever the piece is off the velcro just because the noise is cool, lol.

There are so many different kinds of quiet books.  Various themes include Star Wars, famous people, Bible stories, learning activities (like lacing a shoe, undoing a buckle, etc), and so much more.  I’m sure a Mr. Potato Head page would be a lot of fun.

These could also be a no-sew if you hot glue the pieces on.

These would make fabulous gifts for children up to age 7 or 8 I’m sure…depending on how much there is to them.  So go browse the internet and see what other pages you can find.

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