A Walk Down Memory Lane Pt 2

Do you ever wonder how small business do it?  My dad says that is charisma that makes small business owners successful…at least in this case.


This is Tony.  Tony has been a barber in Milton, on Main Street, since before we moved to Milton over 27 years ago.  This is the full size of Tony’s shop.  Yes, it’s a hole in the wall, lol.   My dad has been getting his hair cut by Tony since he came to Milton.  That’s Tony’s son, Charlie, in the background, doing some else’s hair.  The wonderful gentleman in the chair, I found out later, was stationed in Greenwood, NS…at the air force base for a while.  He met his wife (she was from Digby) and they moved back to Milton…go figure.  I should have introduced him to my dad…hehehe.


Some thing just never change.  My dad says that Tony is the best barber in Milton and is still trying to convince my brother of it.  In fact, I don’t remember the exact cost but I know what my dad quoted was pretty cheap.  If you’re ever in Milton you should stop in and say hello.  There are a few chairs in there where you can sit down and enjoy a chat with Tony and his son.  Those chairs are never empty!

But Tony is not the only barber in town.  There is also Mike.


I know a lot of men from my church frequented Mike’s Barber Shop (I think my pastor may even go here).  And, yes, his shop is twice the size of Tony’s…size isn’t everything, people, hehe.

I would almost dare to say that these two barber shops are the only stores on this side of Main Street that have not changed since we’ve moved to Milton.  On the other side of the street there is one store that I know has also been there as long as we have.  That store is Delacourts.


See those blue signs over the van?  That is Delacourts.  I don’t think I have ever been inside this store…it was always a bit intimidating.  It’s a fine china/silver platter kind of store.  Crystal and fancy dishes were always in the windows.  I’m pretty sure my mom has gotten wedding presents for people from here before…but it is definitely a high end store and I have no idea how it has lasted for so long on this street corner – Milton is definitely NOT high end, lol.  Although, with the influx of people from Toronto it is starting to lean that way.

That is Main Street in Milton with just 3 of the small businesses that have stood the test of time.  Come back next week for a look at some really old churches in Milton.


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