Another Week–but it’s not Monday

Yes, I normally write my week’s post on Mondays.  But, the camera was in the car yesterday with Hazen and I wanted to add photos.  So I had to wait until today, sigh.  This past weekend was the big market day!  So exciting.  It was a lot fun but a little disappointing as well as I didn’t sell ANY of my items (well, I can’t say that exactly, but I’ll explain in a minute).   I was hoping to get rid of most of my stock (some things I’ve had for months) but it just didn’t seem to be what people were looking for.

This was my table


The big items that paid for my table were my dog bisquits/treats.


This was one kind of dog treat.  These are sprinkled with oatmeal and sugar – sure to be a hit with any dog.  The other kind were peanut butter.  I had three sizes with two sizes of bone-shaped ones and then small snowmen ones (good for really small dogs).  They sold at a small bag of 10 treats for $1 – a medium bag of 10 treats for $2 – a large bag of 6 treats for $2.   They did fairly well and I’m looking forward to making more for the next market the end of this month.

I did manage to sell one hat that my aunt had knit (so technically not my item)…I think it was pretty.  It was a pink hat with white that turned up on the brim and I put purple snow flakes all along the front of the brim.  It was cute.  None of her other hats sold, though – so sad.

I did manage to sell one of my nativity sets – which was my profit for the day. =)



I think they’re pretty cute and Darius loves them, too.  Unfortunately, I now have to make him a new set as I sold this one.  I changed up the patterns a bit as I didn’t give Joseph a staff (I forgot my pipe cleaners to make it with), the angel was turned into a boy instead of the pattern girl (theology people!!!), and I didn’t give the wisemen any gifts, sigh.  But I think I will add the gifts and staff when I make this again.  AND, I will hot glue the hay in the manger TO the manger.  These are going for $40 for the whole set.  I may actually add some animals as well.  And I am doing half sets (without the wisemen) for $25.

Overall I was disappointed BUT I have two more markets before Christmas so, hopefully, things will go a little better at them.  I’m also adding some $1 and $2 items to my table (they seem to sell).  We’ll see how they go.

While I was at the market Darius got to spend the whole day with Nannie.  It was so nice on Saturday that they even spent most of the day outside, running around, which is so awesome for D.

This week I am working on my apartment and cleaning like a mad woman.  Today I did the living room and our bedroom.  I moved EVERYTHING and swept and mopped and dusted and changed the rooms around.  I have Darius’ room to do and the kitchen to clean and that should pretty well do it.  The bathroom, obviously, needs to be cleaned but I don’t need to do a major clean in there as I keep that cleaned weekly anyway.

So, I need to run and grab dinner out of the oven (homemade lasagna – easy peasy recipe that I just might share with you) and sort my coupons (just printed off a ton today).  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Keep an eye out for “A Walk Down Memory Lane” for more pictures of Milton and some more memories.


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