Monday Musings and a Book Review

Yes, it’s Monday morning again.  A cloudy one today, sadly.  But an exciting one as I get to open up my Nativity crochet pattern (sweet!).  I have a few minor things to finish up on my crocheted items for the market and doggy bisquits to make (a new adventure for me) but, otherwise, I think I am ready (praying hard!!!!).  I’m really nervous about this so please pray for me!  I’ve worked markets before but I’ve never sold anything at one so I don’t know how much product I should have or if this is going to be another dud.  I have another market scheduled already for the 1st of December.  I love meeting people at the markets but it’s so nerve-wracking not knowing how busy it’s going to be.  Sigh.

We had our Ladies’ Breakfast this past Saturday and it was so good.  Mrs. Parrett spoke on gifts that God has given women – compassion, generosity, hospitality, kindness, purity, and so many more.  I was really blessed through it.   And yesterday, in church, Pastor Parrett preached on hospitality.  VERY good messages.  I loved how he explained it, not just in terms of opening up your home to strangers/other church members – but in relation to husbands and wives/ parents and children.  I really enjoyed it.

I also was blessed through this book I received a few weeks back called “A Perfect Word for Every Occasion” by Liz Duckworth.  I love to write letters so when I saw that Bethany House Publishers had this up for review I wanted a copy.

Perfect Word for Every Occasion, A: Ideal for:  Letters  Receiving Lines  Facebook  Emails  Thank You Notes  Condolences  . . . and Much More

There are chapters based on every walk of life from Grieving to Weddings to Gratitude to Babies.  And she doesn’t just give you rote sentences to write down but helps you walk through the thought processes to come up with your own words that are proper and helpful.  She includes Scripture at the end of each chapter that pertain to that subject (which is one part that I love about this book – no more scrambling for a concordance).

Another great feature of this book is that Liz gives a section on each subject about what NOT to say.  We all need that part!  I’m always terrified that I’m saying the wrong thing – but no more!  =)  I truly enjoyed this book and, even if you’re not a letter writer like me, you will find this book helpful even with just putting a simple line on a card.  I know this book is good for everyone.

Happy Monday All!  And good Reading…


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