Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Yes, I am back!  And not quite raring to go.  I had such a fabulous vacation in sunny, chilly, Southern Ontario that I just might have stayed a while longer – except for the fact that I horribly, terribly missed my wonderful husband.  And I don’t know for sure, but D might have missed him even more than I did, lol.

However, energy levels are at an all-time low after D gave us all (my mom, dad, and I) a terrible cold bug.  He started it, I’m just sayin’.  So, flying home with a sinus bug was not the smartest thing a gal can do.  On the descent my ear plugged and, let me tell you, if I ever thought my ear drum was going to explode it was then.  Yeah…avoid flying at all cost when you have a sinus infection.  So today I am nursing a sore ear and doing a little bit of crochet while my little man adjusts to life back home.

And we all know that THIS makes it all feel better.IMG_3658

Yes…my wonderful husband bought me flowers and chocolate as a “welcome home” gift.  Isn’t he awesome? Sigh.  (Okay, so girls, my husband is not perfect so please don’t start expecting your husband to have flowers and chocolates when you come home – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing…lol).  But yes, I am enjoying looking at my gerber daisies (my favorite flower and coincidentally the same colour as my decorations for fall) and saving the chocolate for when he’s home and can share it with me. hehe

I am super stoked about having a table next weekend, the 27th of October in Barrington for their Christmas craft fair.  But that means a TON of work between now and then since I just took a vacation.   I’m hoping I can get everything ready super early, though, so I can start working on THIS!


So I broke down and bought a crochet pattern – I never do that btw.  But I searched and searched for a cute, EASY nativity crochet pattern and I couldn’t find a free one that I liked so I decided to buy this one.  I made my choice based on a number of blogs that I saw that had used this.  Every person that had used this pattern had had theirs turn out perfect, so I knew this one was it.  The flash on my camera doesn’t do it justice as there is an angle right behind it that you can’t see and Baby Jesus is glowing, lol.   I was really hoping it would arrive before I left for Ontario so I could take it with me, but, unfortunately, it came like 2 days later, sigh.  So I sat and thought about and thought about it the whole time I was away.  I was aching to get started on it.  And now that I’m home I’m telling myself to be good and get all my other things needed for the fair done first.  But I might cave and work on them in the evenings.  They are SO CUTE people!  Seriously…who wouldn’t want a crocheted nativity set?  And the best part about it is that D can play with them.  =)

Anyhoo…Happy Wednesday, y’all.  Not sure if I’ll get out to church tonight with this cold but looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  =)


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