Happy Monday, October 1st!

I love October.  I think October is my favorite month of all – or maybe December…Okay, I have two favorite months, lol.  I just love Thanksgiving and pumpkins and leaves on the ground and decorating.  Sigh.  I have so much excitement running through me today as I anticipate flying, bright and early, tomorrow morning to Ontario!  I cannot tell you how over-the-top with excitement I am.  I can’t wait for my parents to be able to spend time with Darius (and me, hehe).  And yes, I LOVE October.  I love the crispness in the air.

I decided to use my blog this month to tell you what I am thankful for using the alphabet.  A friend of mine did this last year for the American Thanksgiving on her facebook and I thought it was a neat idea.  Now, I won’t be posting every single day but I thought I would post a couple letters once a week (so like 6 for two weeks and 7 for two weeks).  So here are the first six:

A – ApplesI already went apple picking this month and I have been making applesauce and apple cookies and apple pies (my husband is blessed, lol)

B – Bible I have really enjoyed the new study I’ve been doing on the book of Colossians.  It’s been such a blessing and I have no idea what I would do without my Bible.

C – ChristI totally can’t leave Him off this list because He is my all in all.  He is the reason I live and breathe. 

     I also LOVE Crochet and how much it helps me relax and enjoy my day. =)

D – Darius – my son has been such a big blessing in my life.  He makes me laugh all the time and has given me a new perspective of my own parents.

E – Elephantsyes, I’m thankful for elephants – hahha

   I’m also thankful for Expectations (we all need those to help us continue to grow and stretch in our daily lives) and for Elisabeth (where would we be without friends!?)

F – Frogs – we decorated Darius’ room with frogs and I call him my little frog.  Hazen and I love frogs (I know, weird, eh?). 

If you want to join in please feel free.  Let everyone know this month what you’re thankful for!  That’s what Thanksgiving is all about!

Now, for what happened this past week in the Cunningham household…

We had a pretty quiet week.  Darius and I both had our hair cut on Monday.  Sigh.  I love getting my hair cut.  Okay, so really, I like people playing with my hair in general – it’s soooo relaxing.  Darius had all his curls chopped off (aren’t I cruel?).  He was not happy Monday and tried to push Traci’s hands away as she worked.  She was so patient and wonderful with him, though.  Poor guy really freaked out when she turned the hair dryer on my hair.  He just doesn’t like loud noises.

On the weekend we had the privilege of hearing Pastor Tony Miller at our couple’s retreat at Forest Glen Bible Camp.  It was so refreshing.  His messages were so simple and practical.  Topics we really needed to hear…on helping your child deal with anger (through learning to control your own emotions) and on being Christlike by using the Fruit of the Spirit…and on having daily devotions.  So good and so practical.  His outlines were ones that could be read and used by someone who hadn’t even heard the messages.  So good!  And it was a blessing for us to have someone watching Darius so we could enjoy the weekend (he stayed with us at camp, though).  Deanna and Nicole and Katie were such a blessing to us through that.

Well, I have much to do today and it’s already noon!  Ack!  Time to go do some last-minute cleaning and re-packing (I always like to repack my suitcase and make sure I have the right things packed)…then it will be time to lay down for a couple of hours before our early morning drive to the airport (Seriously, sleep is not an option tonight…wayyyyyy too excited!)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!


One thought on “Happy Monday, October 1st!

  1. If I can’t fall asleep at night, I name something I am thankful for with each letter of the alphabet, as you’ve started doing here. I’m excited to read your list! Have a great trip!

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