Walking Daily

I have been so encouraged over the past week as I follow along with the Good Morning Girls in the book of Colossians.  The book of Colossians is about hope and faith.  It’s so neat to see God using His Son to give us this hope.

Today I was reading verses 19 and 20 of chapter 1 and I thought it neat to see the words “It pleased God”.  God was proud of His Son.  It’s so hard to wrap our minds around this concept knowing that God and Jesus Christ are the same person and yet two distinct persons.  But, over and over in Scripture we see where God honoured His Son.  Look at Christ’s baptism.  God in the form of a dove came and sat on Christ’s shoulder and a voice from Heaven proclaimed for all to hear that God was pleased with His Son!  Wow!  Publically praising Christ.

I’ve often heard parents say that they don’t praise their children for doing what they know to be right because they should just do it.  Or they don’t praise them publically because they don’t want their children to get a swelled ego.  But I believe God’s example here is a good one to follow.  I want my son to know that I am proud of him.  My parents never had a problem telling people when they were proud of something one of us kids had done and it always left a pleasant feeling inside.  Children need to know that their parents are proud of them.  All of us have heard stories of children /teens who resent the fact that they felt their parents weren’t proud of them because all they were told was that they weren’t good enough. 

We need to make sure that our children know we are proud of them.  Even when they spend all day disobeying and getting into things they shouldn’t.  There is always SOMETHING we can be proud of them for in the course of a day.  Even if it’s just a simple hug or a whispered “I love you” at bedtime let your child know that they are your world.




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