Blog Hopping

I told you I love blog hopping and this week I stumbled upon this blog called Covetotop.   It’s a WordPress blog like mine and was featured on our freshly pressed page.   I was interested by the title of this post: Spanish Little Churches in the Middle of Nowhere.  Of course I had to check it out!  It is filled with beautiful pictures of little Spanish churches in Spain.  You can check out the pictures here

My favorite picture is of the little church in the snow with the four beautiful bells hanging from the top.

I had an interesting thought while looking at these.  The author states how these churches are little but that God was happy in them all.  And that is the truth.  I don’t know what kind of religions these churches used to hold but I related it more to this present day.  We often equate a church’s success to it’s size.  This church seats 600.  This church seats 1000 – and it’s full!  And that may be, but is God in the midst?  Sometimes it’s the little churches that have the best atmosphere (and I am not knocking large churches.  I know some great ones out there).   But I don’t think we should ignore those little churches just because they’re not sporting the same numbers.

Another thing I noticed was that these churches are beautiful.  Some are unpretentious while others are made with amazing architecture…but they’re all beautiful.  Are we taking care of our church buildings?  Do we take pride in the house of God?   I remember in the Old Testament how God was upset because the Israelites were living in nice houses and the Temple was in ruins.  It was very dishonouring to God.  Are we honouring God with our church buildings?   Just some thoughts on a beautiful Monday morning.  So check out these gorgeous pictures and leave a comment telling me which one you like the best!


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