Daily Bible Time

I have been increasingly convicted about making my daily Bible time a time where I actually glean something from God’s word.  It is so easy to just sit down and read a passage and then put the Bible away and say, “I read my Bible today” and forget about what you just read.  I love spending time with my Bible, though.  It’s refreshing to get up in the morning while Darius is still sleeping and just spend time reading and meditating.  I don’t even necessarily need to be reading, but just sitting in the silence spending time with God without all the distractions that normally run our day.

In the course of blog hopping this week (I love piggy-backing off one blog to another – and if I can figure out how to add pins to my blog I’ll let other people do the same) I came across this blog called “Good Morning Girls”. 

Good Morning Girls logo

Just the name inspired me (should I rename my blog something inspiring?).  The essence behind this blog is this: a group of women who have come together to help other women with their daily devotions.  They are studying Colossians right now (just started this week so if you want to jump in you still can!).  You can join a group for accountability (which we all need, admit it!) or study along on your own.  I am currently studying on my own because the groups seem very US-oriented and I don’t really like the idea of joining a fb or twitter group (not that I have twitter).  I like to be able to see (face to face) who I’m studying with.  Maybe someday we’ll have a group in Halifax/NS. 

Now, I just want to point out that I am not using this AS my devotional time but as a supplement to my devotions.  I am studying Colossians ON MY OWN, while following the study online.  Remember that nothing should take the place of our own personal time with God.  We need to allow God to show us what He wants us to learn.  There is nothing wrong with having some direction, though.

I have also decided to try memorizing the book of Colossians.  I have been so convicted lately about memorization.  Last year at our Ladies Retreat at Forest Glen the speaker shared how she had become convicted about memorizing Scripture and she had memorized Philippians.  I found a tool online that breaks Colossians down into two verses a week for a year. 


You can access it here!  I plan on printing this off and using it.  I’m pretty sure we all can handle two verses a week.  They also come in 3×5 format with the verses written out so you can whole punch them and keep them on your counter for easy reference.  Look at them all day long and it makes memorizing a lot easier.  Just consider that this booklet is not KJV.  If you’re really nice maybe I’ll make one for you…I love writing Scripture out so I can see it when I’m memorizing.

Picnik collage

So I’m going to use my blog as my Ebenezer (do you all know where that is from?) and have you all as my accountability partners.  My goal as a wife and mother is to grow closer to Christ.  I was so convicted (I know I’ve used that word a lot today but I am!) by this paragraph in today’s blog post:

We often talk of Jesus’ death as “substitutionary,” but his life was also lived on our behalf. He lived selflessly while we are consumed with self. He fulfilled the law while we are lawbreakers. He was always kind, patient, compassionate and giving while we can be mean, impatient, callous and stingy. Basically his life was perfectly righteous while ours are, well, perfectly unrighteous.  And it is his perfection that God credits to us, to those who believe. Through Jesus’ life we are made righteous.

The line “we can be mean, impatient, callous, and stingy.” – wow.  I don’t even know what to say.  How TRUE is that?  Especially of myself.  I try not to be, but it seems like my flesh just gets in there sometimes and the words just pour out of me.  I want my life to be one of honouring God and letting His word change me.  His word can’t change me if I don’t know it or study it.  And I know this isn’t January and it’s a weird time to start a year thing but hey…I’ve never been normal and the whole January to December thing is often discouraging.  Especially when you miss a day or two and suddenly your days don’t match up with your study anymore.  So, if I start now my days will never match up and I can be a random memorizer all year long, hehehe.

So, I plan on blogging about my study and memory work once a week (we’ll see how long that lasts!) and you all have permission to email me or comment if you don’t see my post! 


2 thoughts on “Daily Bible Time

  1. This is so neat, because I am working on more Bible memorization right now, too! I started memorizing Philippians a couple of months ago, and I am super pumped because I now have the entire first chapter down pat! I know that seems like a long time for one chapter, but I am excited about that progress. I find it is easier to remember a complete passage instead of random verses (what I had been trying to do the past couple years and they just DON’T stick as well for me!). Memorizing a passage gives it so much insight, too! So keep up the good work…I’ll be cheering you on from the pages of Philippians! 🙂

  2. I totally understand what you’re saying! When I was in college I memorized the book of Thessalonians for a class and my teacher was amazed at how I had learned it from punctuation to punctuation rather than verse to verse. But seriously, that’s how it was written, why not learn it that way? It makes so much more sense and makes it easier to understand what you’re memorizing. That lady speaker at the ladies’ retreat at Forest Glen last year had memorized the book of Philippians. I’m excited about taking my time on the memorization. I find if I try to do too much at one time I give up. So don’t feel bad about taking a couple months on one chapter. It’s the best way to really learn it.

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