A New Project

I love trying new things.  I mean, I SERIOUSLY LOVE trying new things.  It’s like my hobby, or something, to find new things to do.  It keeps me from getting bored, I think.  I love new music, new books, and new projects.  So when I saw this quilted note card blog post I was enthralled!  How CUTE!  Okay, so I didn’t have the adorable fabrics that she had (I love the black and white one that’s absolutely vintage looking) but I had my own vintage fabrics AND, to add my own touch to it…fabric paint! 

Now, some of these did not turn as adorable as I had hoped…and others I’m over the top with happiness about.  My favorite set is my Fall set:


Inside I have verses from the Psalms written from the KJV.  I’ve never been into scrapbooking cards but this is fun!  You just take squares of material (rectangles really) and sew them on using your sewing machine….you will see the lines on the other side but I think they add to the cuteness factor of the card


And those “rectangles” of thread actually give you another canvas to work with on the inside.  This set is the only set I wrote on the inside of.  I left the others blank.


This set actually reminds me of Christmas even though it’s done in pinks and purples with flowers.  I don’t know why.  But I lov’em.


This set was made using two vintage fabrics (the blue flowered and the light pink/white striped: hard to see in the lighting).  I know the lighting is not the greatest.  I’m really trying to figure out my camera and I took pictures from different angles with different settings and just picked the best ones.  So I’m really sorry if some are hard to see.    This set is my “general” set.  Cards for “special” occasions or “just because”.  They are blank on the inside.  On the back I played around with logos.


So this one reads “JN Creations” with a treble clef.  I decided against this one as my treble clefs look funny on every card that I tried it on.  I also don’t like the JN (for Joyful Noise). 


This one reads “Joyful Noise” with an eighth note.  This one I think is a keeper.  I like how it looks and it’s pretty easy to write. 

These will all be available to buy…They will be posted on my facebook page for now and maybe on Etsy in the future.  Looking forward to making more (I have another set ready to sew).

And for those of you who write to soldiers around the holidays I’ve created this 6-pack of mini cards.


Again, these are blank on the inside.  They’re the perfect size to fit in a pocket.  Trust me, soldiers love to get notes from home (even if they don’t know you).  I’ve gotten many replies over the years from soldiers who have received my cards.  They really do appreciate them.  So this Christmas think about writing a soldier a note. 

Also…all my cards will come with envelopes.  Just cause I know you were all wondering about that. =)

Happy Friday!   Enjoy your rainy weekend.


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    I don’ believe I can create that again. In short, I liked to state it was a wonderful post.

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