Ahhhh, It’s Monday

I love Mondays.  Have I said that before?  I do.  There’s just something about a Monday that makes me happy.  Technically the day is half over but, hey, it’s still Monday.  

Last week was a busy week.  Darius’ birthday was on Tuesday and he got his lovely 1-yr needles.  He was such a trooper.  I think he cried more at the fact that I was holding his head so he couldn’t see the needle than he did at the needle itself.  And then he was all smiles again.  We spent the rest of the day making salsa with my friend, Liz, and then headed back across the bridge to pick up Hazen from work.  Hazen wanted to have a mini-party for D’s birthday so that was fun.  He got new bath toys from his dad and got to enjoy a bath and play with them.  He loves to play in the water.

Thursday and Friday we had a special speaker at our church.  Pastor Fielder comes every couple of years.  He’s like a talking Bible.  Seriously, he can quote entire passages of Scripture.  I don’t know if he even read ANY of the verses that he used in his messages.  I have to admit I caught a couple of mistakes, hehehe…but definitely has more Scripture learned than I do!  That is conviction enough.  His messages centered on the church and how the congregation should treat it’s pastor, view church in general, etc.  I only heard Friday nights but it was soooo good.  AND, my friends, Jess and Jon, came for the service and were such a blessing to us all.  Jess played the piano for me and sang with me and she sang with her husband as well.  Such a blessing!

Sunday we had a baptism.  One of the family’s in our church got baptized (mother, father, and daughter).  It was so great.  Pastor Parrett had us go to Chocolate Lake for it.  It was sooo cold!  I was glad I wasn’t getting baptized!  They said the water was warm, though, so I guess that’s a plus.  

Today I have been working on various projects and doing some fall cleaning.  I have too much “stuff” and I have decided that Value Village is going to get a huge donation.  I have two bags of clothes all ready to go (well, I posted them on kijiji, so if they don’t sell they’ll be going to VV).  Next on the list is my craft stuff.  It’s kind of all over the place in small boxes.  So I have emptied one of my plastic drawer units of fabric/sewing essentials and I am filling it with craft supplies.  Whatever doesn’t fit is going to VV.  Then I have to re-organize my fabric stash/sewing supplies.  They were organized back in the spring but I have a tendency to plunge and grab (in other words, I rifle through a box of fabric until I find what I need and then I just shove everything back in).  

And…today is shopping day for me so I still need to figure out what I need for this week.  I don’t want to spend my grocery budge this week because I’m doing a produce run to the valley on the weekend and I plan on spending some cash there!  

And guess what???   It’s only two weeks until VACATION!!!!!   SOOOOOOO excited.   Can you tell?  =)

Happy Monday All!


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh, It’s Monday

  1. Where are you going on vacation?? I find myself always taking stuff to VV or giving it to people in the church, it’s crazy how much stuff we accumulate, isn’t it?!?

  2. Darius and I are coming to Ontario for Thanksgiving with my parents. We had enough air miles for me and D is free! (hehe that rhymes). It just worked out and we want to get home as much as possible while D is still young enough to fly for free. We have two weeks there. I’m so excited!
    I wish I had people in the church to give stuff to, but our church is so small. D is the youngest one there! =)

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