Book Review from Bethany House Publishers

Serpent of Moses

I was so excited to receive this copy of “Serpent of Moses” a few weeks ago from Bethany House Publishers.  I have become very interested in Biblical archaeology lately and I was looking forward to reading some more novels based on that field.

I was very disappointed, however, with the whole premise behind the story.  The story line is based on the life of archaeologist Jack Hawthorne who’s whole purpose in life is to find the greatest artifacts that will fetch the highest price.  Enter the Nehushtan, or the Serpent of Moses.  This was the staff upon which Moses fashioned a golden serpent after God sent a plague of poisonous snakes on the Israelites.  If they looked at the staff they would be healed of their snake bites.  Jack Hawthorne finds the staff and starts running for his life from the Israeli government who also wants the staff.

Now, this is where I started to have problems with the book.  The Bible clearly states that King Hezekiah destroyed that staff so that the Israelites would not worship it.  The author of the book tries to play down the Bible’s use of the word “destroy” by saying that it was merely broken into two pieces and hidden in different places.  I don’t like books that try to discredit the Bible.

The book also does not really delve into the world of archaeology at all.  And it really doesn’t even tell the readers what the importance of the staff is to the Israeli people.  I was very disappointed in it.   I felt the author could have done a much better job at showing how archaeology proves the Bible without using an artifact that would disprove the Bible.

Overall I rate this book at 3 out 5.  It was very well written.  The author has a good grasp of the English language, but needed some help with the plot on this one.


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