Monday’s Musings

Last week was a busy one with sewing and crocheting and lots of time with Hazen.  Monday, of course, was the holiday and enjoyed time with our church family at the annual church picnic.  Hazen had taken an extra day off last week (our holiday plans fell through) so he took Darius and I to a lake on Tuesday to enjoy the water and some sun.  Darius was thrilled with water that didn’t roll up into his face.


He was not impressed when he had to get out, though!

The rest of the week I was sewing and crocheting madly to finish some projects before the weekend.  I’ve been working on some new items for my Etsy store and finally finished off a number of samples.  I haven’t posted them up in the store yet, but if you want to check them out you can head over to Facebook page and take a peek:   Don’t forget to “like” my page!

   I was also working on Darius’ birthday present.  I know!  It’s his birthday already?  Talk about craziness. I can’t believe my little man is already one year old!  I love watching him and grow and mature.  It’s so exciting.  Technically his birthday isn’t until Tuesday (tomorrow) but we celebrated with his aunt and nannie on Saturday.  His aunt Molly had a party for him.   It was a lot of fun.  And great weather for being out doors. 




                             Yum!  Cake!



Trying to trade his new hat for his friend, Sarah’s.  For some reason he liked the yellow one better. =)



It was a busy day and this little man is pretty tired.


The outfit Mommy made for his birthday: dress shirt onesie, vest, pants, and tie.  Whew!  Talk about leaving things to the last minute.  I was madly sewing buttons on 8:30 Friday night.  I’m the worst procrastinator. 

We really enjoyed fellowshipping with the Hawk church Sunday morning.  AND, this was the first Sunday in ages that I’ve been able to sit through ALL the services.  I was so blessed.  Darius didn’t scream in the nursery or cry for me.  Sunday School he stayed with me in class.  But he did so well the other two services. 

And we made it back (through torrential rain – hurricane weather) in time for the evening service at our church to hear a special speaker: Pastor Larry Clayton.  And I’m so glad we did.  It was a wonderful message based on Psalm 137:1-4.  I really enjoy messages that are based on “new” passages.  You all know what I mean.  There are some passages in the Bible that everyone loves to preach from.  And not all messages on the same passage are the same.   AND, they are all good messages.  But I find it somewhat refreshing when someone takes a passage that is rarely (if ever) preached from and just feeds you the most amazing, convicting message that you needed to hear.  Last night was one of those times.  I’ve read these verses many times and often wondered at the context behind them.  What caused these musicians to hang up their harps and cease singing?  Pastor Clayton showed how these musicians were in Babylon in captivity and how they had lost their song.  Wow, how convicting is that!  How many of us have lost our song after being so enmeshed in the world.  We need to get busy for the Lord!  And losing our song doesn’t have to literally mean we’re not singing.  It could mean that we’ve dropped out of ministry.  That we’re not winning souls.  We don’t want to help in the nursery.  We don’t want to teach Sunday School.  Something as small as not wanting to help clean the church building or something as big as not wanting to go to church anymore at all.  If you’re not as spiritual as you were when you first started attending your church: you’ve lost your song.  What do you need to do to get it back?  We should be singing the Lord’s song in this world.  They’re the ones who need to hear it!   So, my thought for this week is: Don’t lose your song.

Happy Monday all!   If you’re in NS…enjoy the wonderful rain!  =)


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings

    • We don’t normally stay for the evening service because it makes it late driving home after. But maybe if we’re staying over for a Monday we’ll stop in some time. I love visiting other churches and getting to know other pastors.

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