What day is it?

Yes, that is how I’m feeling lately.  My weeks have turned into one giant day.  Mondays feel like Thursdays, Thursdays feel like Saturday, oi. =)

My beautiful little boy is now sporting two top teeth.  Although if you ask to see them he will clamp his little lips shut.  Make him laugh and you can see them very well.  Unfortunately he’s been a little sick with them coming through.  Poor guy. =(

Saturday I got to do one of my favorite things: fabric shop!  My husband has commissioned me to make him bean bags for a game.  He was very specific, though, they must be orange and navy (in honour of the Chicago Cubs – shh, but I don’t even know what sport that team is for: football, maybe?) hehe   So I also got to pick up some wonderful fabric for a crocheted dress and some pretty red yarn.  I also found material for a special project but that’s a secret…the material is shown below but you’ll never figure it out, hehehe.


Friday night we had the first of (Lord willing) many “Mom Times”.  I was totally excited to host it.  We kicked off our monthly time out with a spa/pedicure night.  Elisabeth brought chocolate face masks – sigh.  So relaxing.


No, I’m not ashamed to post this.  I promised the other girls, though, that their pictures would not make their way on to my blog, hehehe.  We all looked this wonderful.  The other two moms also brought foot spas so I got to enjoy some bubbling, warm water on my feet before painting my toes a lovely shade of blue.  We enjoyed strawberries filled with chocolate, banana/chocolate squares, and zucchini bread.  And as healthy as that last one sounds it is loaded with sugar so it’s not really.  =)

I’ve also been working on some projects for online store.  Argyle and crochet – who knew they would work?  I think I want one of these hats and a pair of boots (or slippers) for myself!  And I might have to make some for Darius to wear out this winter.  But these ones are going into the store.


This is a newborn size and sells for $20.  I think they’re really cute.  The shoes are about a US size 1


This is 6-12 month size.  The shoes would fit about a US size 5 or 6 (you might be able to squeeze a size 7 in as they do stretch).

Yeah for fun things.  And the newest little girl item at Joyful Noise:


This has a crocheted bodice and the skirt is made up of a sage green and vintage flower material.  LOVE it!  This also sells for $20.  Pair it with a  onesie for winter or with a sweater.  Nice and comfy for little girls.

Well, I must get back to ironing.  Fun, fun.  And I think I may even share my banana/chocolate chip square recipe with you.  Yum, yum.


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