Darius’ Room Part 2

I have been very lazy about getting this second post up on Darius’ room improvements.  I had a pile of clothes to clean up and that is one chore I do not enjoy.  I like the feeling of everything being put away but it takes energy.  And energy is one thing I haven’t had a whole lot of lately.  But this week I’ve been baking and doing some extra things around the house so I thought it was time to clean up Darius’ room today and finish off the post.  Here are the rest of the pictures:




This is the dresser I mentioned last week in my first post.  We picked this up about two weeks ago at Value Village for $7.99.   I have been looking for a dresser for him since before he was born but I was not willing to pay $300 for one.  Even on kijiji they were asking over $50 for the ugliest thing you could find.  It was outrageous.  So when I saw this I knew instantly that it was what I wanted.  It didn’t have a price tag on it and the bottom drawer wouldn’t open.  But the items around it were pretty cheap and I knew I could probably fix the bottom drawer.  So I asked about the price and was quoted $7.99.  And that was the end of the story.  It went home with us. =)   And that bottom drawer?  Well, a screw had popped out on the tracking so all it took was rescrewing it back in and that bottom drawer works like a charm now. 


I love the animal netting under the window.  I was worried that he was going to try and pull himself up on it but so far he hasn’t.  Where he’s sitting is his toy corner.  When he has friends over this is where they come to play so most of his toys are actually in here.  He has a basket that we keep in the main living area but I don’t like too many toys out there.


I made the nursing pillow in the corner for him to use to help him when he was learning to sit up.  It worked very well.  The book sling on the wall holds the books that we keep in his room.  He has a bookshelf to himself in the main living area but every so often we spend time in his room so I thought he needed some books in here, too.


I found this material at Atlantic Fabrics and actually never thought of what I was going to use it for until I used it.  And then I realized that it even had frogs on it.  It’s kind of a rain forest/jungle material.  I made two of these floor mats for his room


This is a dollar-store footstool that I covered in the same fabric.  It fits his room and hides the ugly footstool.


I love how big it is.  If we do have another baby (no, there is not one on the way) we will still have room to put another crib/play pen in there with him.  It’s the perfect size for two kids.

I love how his room turned out.  Unfortunately, he pulled some of the vines off the wall since last week’s post and I had trouble fitting them back in their places so they look a little funny now.  But it still has a jungly feel (because really…vines don’t grow in any particular fashion).   I have a couple more projects I’m working on like a mat for this big empty floor.  I’m making him a car mat (well, a road mat I suppose).  and I have some more green material that I hope to cut a giant frog out of for another section of his wall.  But those are extras.   At least this main part of his room is finished and I can start concentrating on another part of the apartment.   I hope this lasts for a while and can’t wait to get started on my room!


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