Moroccan Spice Blend Recipe

I have been pretty quiet on the blog scene lately and that is due mostly to work-related factors.  I have been busy working on a baby gift (that is now in the mail…whoo hoo) and it took me about a week to finish.  Of course I can’t post pictures until they get it so you’ll have to sit in suspense for a while.  I can tell you it’s something new for Joyful Noise Creations.  I can’t wait to start posting some in my Etsy shop.

I also do plan on doing the second installment of Darius’ room this week.  Probably not today as I have a bit of laundry and random clothes to find a spot for.  On a sad note…he’s managed to pull of more vines!!!  I told you they were easy to pull off didn’t I?  hehehe  I guess I’ll be back in there sometime this week re-ironing.

We’ve also had air conditioner issues (or maybe I should say rain issues).  Our bedroom floor has had numerous floods over the last week.  Last night being the latest.  I do think the air conditioner is starting to go, as well.  The continual dropping of water was a bit of Chinese torture last night.  When I realized what was going on I had to turn it off so the ice could melt off the air conditioner.  Yes, there was ice on it.  Many towels later I had to turn on the fan to it’s lowest setting so I could at least get to sleep.  I am one of those people who needs some type of noise to sleep.  I can’t STAND absolute quiet.  But, this morning the ice is all gone and we’ll see how things go.  It did it once last year, too…so we’re not throwing it out yet. =)

But, I have titled this post “A Recipe” so I should probably actually give you one. =)

I received this spice blend in the mail as a free sample from Granny’s poultry company.  It came complete with a recipe card to make your own spice blend (thank you!) and a recipe for Quinoa salad.  I’m not much into quinoa so I used the spice blend on top of a regular salad (like a grilled chicken ceaser salad idea).  So yum!   Basically what I did was rub my boneless skinless chicken breasts in the spices and fried them (I don’t have a grill) then placed them in strips on top of our salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and green pepper.  I added some pieces of French baguette on the side for a bit of carb.  Best meal I’ve made in a long time!

Here’s the Moroccan Spice Blend (and I warn you, it is a tad spicy)

2 tsp. mild paprika                         2 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp dried oregano                        1 tsp ground coriander

1/2 tsp cinnamon                            1 tsp dried chilies (optional)

2 tsp sea salt

It says to mix 2 Tbsp of the spice blend with 1 tsp of water and 1 tsp of olive oil.  However, I found this was a very sticky paste and I added a tiny bit more water to make it a little thinner.  So yum!  I hope you all enjoy. =)


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