Darius’ Bedroom pt.1

I am sooooo excited about finally getting D’s room finished up.  It has taken me a long time to get things where I want them to be.  Little-by-little I have gotten floor mats, a footstool, curtains, and (as of tonight) a dresser!  It is so exciting for me to put it all together.  I have decided to show his room in parts.  Seeing as the dresser is not quite ready for viewing.  I actually want to paint it but that might be part of his Christmas gift…as I’ll have to save my pennies for a gallon of paint.   Anyhoo, I’ve posted before about how wonderful ironing-on fabric to the walls is.  And I finally got around to actually doing it.  It was process that took me a couple of weeks as it was so humid here I could only iron for a little while before I was dripping little beads of water onto the floor (gross, I know).

My rainforest is pretty cool if I do say so, though. =)


I love the added monkeys.  And if you look closely you can see my frogs on the walls.  I think there are four in this picture (one is on a shelf).  I know there is one above his light switch (not shown) and one above his thermostat (also not shown)  There are six total.IMG_3124

I have a few fern plants along the floor with long grass.  I didn’t do a ton along the bottom of the wall as they are pretty easy to pull off.  I don’t want a pile of fabric on his bedroom floor if we have guests over.  Darius has already managed to pull off a piece of vine as you can see by the leaves just hanging on his wall in the top photo.

This was a lot of work as the vine is many pieces of thin material…each leaf is separate.  The ferns I cut out in branches.  The palm tree is made up of one long brown piece with each branch a separate piece.  I used different colours of green because a rain forest does not consist of one colour.  There are three or four different shades on his wall.

One monkey is pinned to the wall, the other is just sitting on his crib.  I have another somewhere that I want to add to the mural but for now this is it.  I have to admit it doesn’t have quite the same wow factor in the pictures as it does in person.  I feel like I’m walking into a rain forest some days when I go into his bedroom.  I love the feel of it!   It was a lot of fun, too.

For those of you who haven’t seen the earlier post (rather than go looking for it to create a link back) I’ll just give you the low down on how this works.  First you have to iron a fabric stiffener on to your fabric.  It’s one-sided sticky.  The sticky side gets ironed to your fabric.  Then you can cut out whatever shapes, etc, that you want.  Those shapes you then take and iron onto your wall.  I didn’t have issues with it burning the wall, etc.  I had one spot where it did take off a bit of paint (I was trying really hard to get a leaf to stick and it wouldn’t!)…but I think it was because the protective coating on my iron is coming off.  I had no issues anywhere else and this is a pretty big wall.  I had the iron on it’s hottest setting, too.  This will peel off your wall as if you never had anything up there.  It will not leave a sticky residue or imprint behind.  It is so easy to pull off my 11 mo. old son was able to pull part of the vine off.

And that is it!  It’s so easy peasy…the hardest part is the time factor, for real.


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