Quiet Book: Page 5…A Jewel in my Crown

This page was a very simple one but it was the favorite of all the girls.  Every little girl dreams of being a princess with a tiara or a crown.  This crown was supposed to represent Solomon and Rehoboam and Jeroboam (the stories done at the first family camp).  However, those two stories were changed to Elijah with the prophets of Baal and Naaman and the little serving girl.  Soooooo, I laughed and said it could be for the king of Syria, lol.  What else are you going to do after you’ve cut out 12 crowns and numerous jewels from felt?   Again, I glued the crown to the cardstock (using just a basic shape of what a crown looks like) and then let the children fill a baggie with “jewels”…shapes cut out of felt.  I had a wonderful helper who made real jewel shapes for me while I randomly cut out triangles and squares (I’m lame – no wait, I was dead tired!).  But the kids loved it.  The girls went wild grabbing up all the pieces of felt they could get and some of them went home with quite the baggie full. =)


I was a little laid back with mine and these are all the jewels I kept to decorate mine.  The blue is a really pretty turquoise (it doesn’t show up so well in this picture).  We attached the baggies with a paper clip.  I labeled mine “Decorate the Queen’s Crown” for the purposes of this post, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to label the children’s pages. 

There is one thing I’ve learned in my years of teaching, if you don’t label the children’s pages or have a craft that mirrors the story, they don’t remember and they’ll make up in their own heads what they want it to stand for: so I feel like I dropped the baton, so to speak, with these last two pages.  I remember my mom telling us about when my sister was really little.  Her Sunday School teacher had finished the lesson early so she grabbed a Disney book to read to the class.  When they got home from church my mom asked my sister what she had learned and all she could remember was the Disney story.  It was my mom’s way of teaching both my sister and I to be careful when we’re teaching a Bible class to keep it all about the lesson – and I’ve never forgotten that.  I trust that in some way they correlate the crown with Queen Esther as we spent a full day talking about her. =)

Well, those are all the quiet book pages I made for the Family Camp children’s class crafts.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I came up with.  I loved making them and I hope they are useful to the children. 

I am so excited about starting a “real” quiet book for Darius (and maybe as some Christmas gifts) with felt pages and pieces sewn on instead of just glued.  It will be an interesting undertaking. =)

Happy Saturday All!  Off we head to Cape Sable Island.  Lots of pictures and new items for Joyful Noise Studio coming next week!  I am hoping to get some more work done on my Etsy shop this weekend with new items and updated listings.  =)   Getting lots of feedback and enjoying it all.


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