Recipes Galore!

I have decided to delve into the world of food on pinterest.  Up till now I have stayed away from it as I find the baking section can get overwhelming.  I have friends that ONLY post food and I drool and then have a minor hyperventilating session thinking about spending that much time in the kitchen.  I don’t much like the kitchen.  My apartment kitchen is small, dingy, and has little counter space (although I will admit that it is better than the apartment we first rented down the hall).  I like lots of room when I work.  When I do crafts or sew there is stuff EVERYWHERE!  You can ask my husband.  Baking, however, is another story.  I have so little counter space that it doesn’t take long to use it all up.  You can’t just spread stuff out on the floor when you’re cooking, lol.  It’s very frustrating.  And since I hate dishes (my least favorite chore in the house, seriously) it makes me tired just thinking about cooking, lol.  I do love to bake.  I like making cookies and muffins and pies.  So I often have to overcome my horror of the kitchen in order to do what I do enjoy.  This week was no exception (especially with this lovely heat).

Now my baking does not always turn out and I don’t usually share my failures on my blog.  But since I don’t really consider these recipes failures and plan to try them again I decided to share them with you.

While surfing the web last week I found a recipe called Lemon Melting Moments – doesn’t that sound amazing?  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with how they turned out.  I thought they were going to be this amazing sweet cookie that melts in your mouth.  In reality, they turned out much like shortbread (which I find is dry).  The cream for the middle was not so creamy and even though I doubled the amount of confectioners sugar that went in it was runny and very little stayed between the cookies.  I ended up putting them in the fridge to help solidify the cream and that made the whole cookie a little hard.  Not really a melting moment.  Overall, they tasted fine.  My husband had no expectations of them like I did and he loved them.  I do want to make them again – because they did taste good – it was just disappointing not to have a really sweet flavour in my mouth.  Maybe if I’d used true zest instead of lemon juice the flavour would have changed.  My husband’s cousin made the same recipe this week and from her comments on facebook, loved it!  So I think I may have to hit her up for some tips.  I think she made 4 batches of them. =)   Overall I think it’s a recipe you all would enjoy and if I get some any cool tips I’ll pass them on.  Here’s the link to the recipe:

Now my second recipe happens to be a food that I love.  And who knew it was totally Canadian?  I just randomly decided to find a recipe for Butter tarts and while surfing found out some cool history behind them.  Apparently it is a truly Canadian food.  People don’t know what they’re missing!!!!!

So I found this recipe on a neat little food blog called Kitchen Geisha.  You can check out the recipe here!  My first attempt at making them was an utter failure.  Well, okay, not completely.  I think 6 of them turned out (the second batch).  I tried making my own tart shells as I didn’t have any of the pre-made ones like I normally keep on hand.  However, the circles I cut out were too small.  So the juice ran all over and underneath the shells and burned and, overall, was quite nasty.  The shells definitely need to be deep dish!  I did suck it up and eat a couple of the nasty-looking ones (they also smell nasty) but I figured that much charred brown sugar can’t be good for you!  Oh, did I mention these aren’t made with corn syrup?  Apparently, it’s not Canadian to use corn syrup (which is fine with me since I don’t stock that).IMG_3005


Yeah, not so yummy looking.  However, I am not discouraged.  I am planning another batch of these sometime in the near future.  They’re my dad’s favorites and I want to make him some when I go home in the fall.  =0  I will have success!  heheheh


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