Quiet Book: Page 4–Three Men in a Fiery Furnace


The last two pages in my quiet book had the potential to be much better than they were…but they did work.  They were last minute pages that were supposed to follow two of the stories that my helpers were teaching.  However, I misunderstood and this lesson was actually over the beginning of these three boy’s life in Babylon with Daniel where they refuse to eat the king’s meat.  I thought it was the 3 men in the fiery furnace (oops).  Sooooo, anyhoo, this is what the children got to put together for that lesson.  What I did was glue a piece of flannel smaller than the page.  This was supposed to represent the furnace.  I was actually going to have the children draw around the edges of it but this particular craft ended up being put together mostly by me while the children played a game.  Things happen.  My helpers thought it was too difficult, sigh.  I had the men all glued to straws and was just going to have the child put the face on the person and then string the straws for us to tape on the page.  However, that worked in theory, it didn’t work so well in practice.  The children all wanted their heads off their straws so they could draw easier and then my poor helpers got a little frustrated trying to glue them back on (which I probably would have left the glue and just handed them a piece of tape, but I was busy helping another table…lol).  I did end up using tape to put a number of them together which, fyi, was much easier than gluing (btw, spray glue is amazing for crafts like these.  It bonds almost instantly.  I am in love with spray glue!).

The pipe cleaners represent the fire.  I cut them in varying sizes and the children keep those in a little plastic baggie (I didn’t have time to create a nice felt pocket for them. sad face).    The strings were taped to the back of the page and the men move up and down out of the furnace, with a fourth man that arrives to surprise Nebuchadnezzer.  I want to try this page out of proper felt and material pieces (when I get around to actually creating my quiet book) because I think it would work better in felt.  But it did actually work.  I was pretty impressed with this page even with all the work involved to put it together.  I wouldn’t recommend this page if you were going to do a card stock one for a craft like I did with the others.  At least not for 6-8 year olds.  The girls got theirs put together no problem but the boys had definite issues.  I think only 3 of them actually got their page together in some semblance of order before joining the game.  Some of them didn’t even get the faces drawn on their little men.  I think it was overwhelming for them…so many little pieces.  I don’t really know…but hey, it got finished.  =)


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