Quiet Book: Page 3 Making Time to Pray!

Page three can be pretty much any Bible story specific.  I chose to add because clocks are so good for them to play with at this age.IMG_2994

I cut out a felt purple circle that I glued to the card stock.  Then I cut out a flannel white circle for each child.  I let them put the numbers on their clock and that was an experience.  I’ve never taught that age group in school and I assumed that since they had all done kindergarten they could write numbers.  Never assume.  I had some very interesting clocks when they were finished.  They did a great job trying, though.  Each child was given a red arrow and a green arrow and they stay in the flannel pocket on the opposite page.

I used this page to reinforce the part of the story where Esther asks Mordecai to fast and pray for 3 days along with her and her maidens before she goes to the king.  Prayer is the key to this story and I think that often it gets glossed over.  People focus on the fact that Esther was willing to risk her life to save her people and they forget that she spent 3 days fasting and praying before she did it.  One little verse that is often overlooked.  I  miserably in this part of the Christian life all the time.  Prayer is often forgotten.  Hazen preached on it last night at church (I wish I’d been able to hear it).  But prayer is probably the most important weapon that we, as Christians, should use.  I think this page is a good reminder for everyone that prayer should encompass every hour of every day.


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