Quiet Book Page Two!


I think this page was the biggest hit with the boys this past week.  I saw a number of them sitting on the ground playing with their castle pieces after the session.  There are eight pieces total for this page.  I labeled it “Build a Babylonian Castle” (actually, to be honest, I think I labeled the children’s “Build the Palace in Shushan” or something similar).  Potentially children could draw on windows, etc…but we didn’t really have time for that.  We just handed out the pieces and let them tuck them in their felt envelope attached to the opposite page.  You can build your castle any way you like using each of the eight pieces.

The template for the castle pieces came from a pinterest-inspired quiet book page for the beach.  You can grab the templates here!   I love people for sharing all these awesome resources on their blogs.  I would have never come up with these ideas if I hadn’t first seen them somewhere else.  But this was a great idea for a quiet book page that goes with the story of Esther.  If I had had one of these when I was a kid I can picture myself sitting in church in my own little world reliving the story of Esther while playing with the castle pieces.  I had such a vivid imagination.  I would have drawn on windows and imagined which one was Esther’s room…which room was the throne room, etc.  I probably would have lasted the whole service on this one page. =)   Too bad I’m not a kid anymore. =(


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