Quiet Book Page

I had so much fun working a kid’s class this year at Family Camp.  It was A LOT of work every day keeping them interested and busy but it was very rewarding.  The first week I had a group that I knew fairly well (which usually doesn’t go well but they were very good).  Most of them were kids I knew from the valley.  The second week I had kids I knew by name and one or two that I had never met.  It was a good mix.  I had two helpers who taught two lessons each (there were seven sessions).  I taught two and the remaining one (which fell on Friday afternoon) I planned games and a craft as it was mostly a fun time and not all of the kids showed up for it.  I taught on Esther and the first week I just had three pages in my quiet book and then, because there were no crafts planned for the other lessons I added two more pages for the second week.  One of my pages ended up not fitting in with the lessons as one of the helpers changed her stories (ack!).  But, hey, it’s all good.


I used card stock as sewing books together for 10 students each week was just not an option.  I punched two holes in the side of each page and tied them.  Just a thought…if you do add material as I did…punch your page first and don’t put the material over the punched holes.  I tried punching holes through the material and card stock and gave myself a headache, lol.  I also labeled the other books just as ___________’s Quiet Book.  That way we knew who each belonged to.


For this first page I labeled it: Dress Queen Esther (or King Ahasuerus for the boys) for her/his coronation.  Each child was given two shirts (although I think the second week they only got one) two overcoats (those are the two part pieces that look funny), two pairs of shoes (they were supposed to be sandals but you can’t make sandals out of felt – well, you can try…but not when you’re making forty of them), a crown, a sceptre, and hair (there were different kinds for the guys and girls).   My templates for these were taken from MakingFriends.com  I had all these pages printed off in black and white that I had never used so I used them as templates to make the clothes and the body out of felt.  The hair I glued onto a piece of flannel and then cut out so they stick to the felt as well.

On the page opposite I used a hot glue gun to glue a piece of flannel as a pocket for the pieces to go in…the felt pieces stick to the flannel so that none of the pieces go missing (unfortunately it worked better in theory than it did in practice…oh well, lol)

With 6-8 year-olds it was enough to have them draw a face on their person and pick out their clothes.  Asking them to cut out any of the items themselves would have been way too much.  So it was definitely a lot of work putting this together for 21 children, lol.  But it was fun.  And at least one parent has contacted me to tell me how much they and their son like playing with it.  Yeah!  That’s what it is for.  These would definitely be good pages for actual quiet books that are sewn together (and I definitely have plans for the future!).  I hope you all enjoy.  Check back tomorrow for the next page in the series. =)


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