Monday’s Musings

Well, Canada has their first medal in the Olympic games.  Pretty excited about those synchronized divers.  I’m still totally missing cable as I would have loved to watch the whole event.  Believe me, if it weren’t for the fact that boxing is on right now I’d have the ctv live feed up and running.  Boxing is really not my thing, though.  Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the soccer events.  Canada has already won one match.  Let’s see how far our women can go.  Do you think they have it in them for the gold?

Yesterday was a pretty great day at church.  Pastor Parrett was on fire.  It was the first Sunday in a while that I’ve been able to sit in Sunday school and I really enjoyed it.  Pastor was talking on Seven Virtues of the Christian Life (if I have that right – I can’t find Hazen’s handout).  He didn’t finish the message so I’m looking forward to the end of it next week.  I’ll share some thoughts with you about it then.

Sunday night Pastor is working through the book of Judges and was in chapter 3 last night at the story of Eglon, King of Moab.  I didn’t get to hear the whole message as I was summoned to the nursery for a screaming baby, lol.  I love the book of Judges, though.  It’s one of my favorites.  I taught these stories to a teen class many years ago.  I remember at Student Convention one year a boy recited this passage for Scripture Recitation.  I don’t remember if he got gold or not, but the fact that I remember him reciting it – passionately – definitely means he deserved one.  I will never forget his reciting “the FAT closed over it” referring to the handle of the dagger that Ehud stuck into Eglon’s belly.  Kinda gross when you think about it.  But I can still hear his voice resonating…I almost think it was one of the Letkeman boys (I don’t know how to spell that =( ).  Anyhoo…I’m sure it was a good message.

So…big things that happened last week.  Darius started drinking on his own from a sippy cup (with a straw).  Sooo exciting. =)  Now he’s guzzling water all day long.  I’m so happy.  AND, he’s getting another tooth..yeah…finally!  Poor guy, though…teething is no fun.  But he looks so cute with it coming down through on the top.  =)

I’ve also started ironing the decals on his bedroom walls and it’s starting to look really neat.  I’m hoping to finish it up this week.   We do have camp again starting Wednesday so I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get done.  I’m pretty excited about camp, though.  Hoping to see folks from my church there this week for a visit.

Well, I think that’s all for today’s musings.  Here’s a couple pics of my beautiful baby to enjoy one this beautiful Monday morning.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Bond, James Bond (2)

Bond, James Bond


Drinking out of my cup!


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