They have offically started!

Tyler Anderson/National Post

photo: online National Post

Welcome to the 2012 Olympics.  I love the Olympics.  It’s about the only time I watch sports.  I mean, like ever!  I do like watching swimming and gymnastics if they showed them regularly.  But those are sports you don’t see broadcast on television too often.  The Olympics, however, is one avenue that seems to suck even the biggest sports-hater into competition.  My country versus yours.  It’s there!  We all feel that national pride when our team wins a medal in an event.

The past few Olympic games I have suffered terribly by the lack of cable to watch the events.  And this year is no different.  Personally I don’t see the point in paying for cable just so I can watch the Olympics every two years.  But at times like this I definitely miss it.  Yesterday I attempted to watch them online at…once again I was thwarted.  Apparently there was something wrong with their video feed.  It did eventually get worked out (starting out in French and then finally becoming English).  Hopefully that is the last of the bugs.  I, and I’m sure there are thousands like me who don’t have cable, am thankful for companies like ctv who give us the opportunity to watch these events online and I’m really excited to be able to cheer my country on and see how many medals we can earn this year!


Fact:  Do you know that Paul, in the Bible, likened the Christian life to a runner in a race (referring to the games that used to occur in Roman times)?


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