Summer Shoes

I am cheap.  I admit it freely.  I like a good deal and when it comes to shoes I rarely find one.  Back in the spring I picked up a pair of black flats at Walmart for $10.  Most of you know how good a $10 Walmart purchase would actually be and those wonderful black flats only lasted a month or so before they started get really ratty looking.  I didn’t get a picture of them before I started the process, but I found a diy on pinterest for covering old shoes in fabric and making them look like new.  This website called for using modge podge.  I have be honest that I don’t really like the modge podge route as my shoes have gone rock solid.  They were soft and comfy when I started the project.  There is another one that I can’t find the link to that just called for a spray adhesive (which would probably be easier to work with than the modge podge) but you’d still have to seal them to protect them from rain, etc – so I don’t know if you could ever end up with soft afterwards.


I was COVERED in modge podge when I finished this project and I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome.  It was really hard to get the edges to sit on the bottom at the toe and the parts that folded in to the inside of the shoe which makes me think that spray adhesive would work better.  I do like the shoes, though, overall, and would try this again.  And the best part is that they match a couple of skirts I have (and they always go with black), like the patchwork skirt I posted here.   As well as the skirt I made to match them:


I also found a post on pinterest on crocheting over old flip flops.  The only problem with this post is that it wasn’t a diy.  I was very sad.  But I wasn’t to be put off.  I had an old pair of Haviana flip flops that had come apart this summer.  Havianas are my favorite! so I didn’t want to get rid of them even though they were broken.  I decided to try it out.


This was almost a nightmare!  After the first shoe I was pretty sure I have given myself blisters punching holes through the sole.  That was the hardest part.  The second shoe I used my thimble and a pair of pliers to pull the needle out the other end and it wasn’t as bad.  The actual crocheting wasn’t so bad and didn’t take long at all.  It was all a bit trial and error as I had no pattern to work off, but they are actually extremely comfortable.

So, no money spent – 2 new pairs of shoes.  I call that AWESOME!  =)


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