Patchwork Skirt

A few weeks back I was hanging out on Pinterest and saw this amazing patchwork skirt that someone had made.  I totally fell in love with it.  Of course, the big chunky belt she has totally makes the skirt and I’ve never been able to pull off belts.  But I thought, I may as well try it.  And I had all this wonderful vintage material from my adopted grandmother in Ontario so what better use for it?

It is now one of my favorite skirts for summer and I’m totally excited about making another one for the fall/winter but with a proper waistband/zipper, etc.  This one is a pull-on skirt.  It’s not stretchy material but I am able to get it on without it falling off later. =)


I have yet to actually get a picture of myself in it.  I may do it and update the post at a later date.  I used a combination of solids and prints in purple, pink, yellow, and two different blue shades.  I used a very thin pink basting tape to hem it (I hate doing hems) and just zig zagged the waistline.


I’m noticing in the pictures that most of my blues are on one side and my pinks on the other…oops.  I actually made a huge mistake when making this.  I cut out all of the squares and laid them all on the floor in this diamond pattern (I wanted it to look like I had cut the skirt on the bias).  After I had them all where I wanted them the baby woke up and I had to pick them all up off the floor (I don’t sew while he is awake).  Well, I thought I had stacked them in such a way that I would be able to sew them together in the correct order with no problems.  But when I was able to take them all back down and start work again I couldn’t get them back into the same pattern I had had them.  It took me twice as long to figure out how to get them back into the same pattern.  I think next time I would just sew them in rows and then actually cut the skirt out on the bias.  It would probably be so much easier.   I didn’t think it through very well before I started.  The blog I saw it on wasn’t a tutorial so I was just kind of working off of what hers looked like.  But I like it and so far it has gotten a number of compliments from people at camp and such.

I really want to try and get some heavier corduroys and thicker prints to make another for the winter.  I like long skirts and they are so hard to find.  I’d also like to put a proper waistband into it with a zipper opening. I have a zipper tutorial (looks really easy to put in a zipper using spray adhesive instead of sewing) and I want to see how well it works.

Anyhoo…I hope you all like my patchwork skirt as much as I do!  Happy Thursday.

Check back tomorrow for a yummy, strawberry brownie recipe.


3 thoughts on “Patchwork Skirt

  1. Thanks…I really had fun with it. There were quite a few different fabrics which I think makes it that much more interesting. =)

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