Yummy Salad Idea and some other stuff

I love salad.  I can eat it just about any way you want to make it (just without fruit – I dislike fruit on it!).  Yesterday I was visiting a friend and I had promised to bring lunch.  So I went looking for some amazing ingredients to make an amazing salad.  I’m not usually very creative.  I do like Greek salads (with feta and all that good stuff like olives) but I knew my friend didn’t so I had to come up with something else.  I was actually looking for alfalfa sprouts when I found a bag of bean sprouts.  I have decided that bean sprouts are my new favorite salad food.  So here are all the ingredients for the yummiest salad (next to Greek) that I have had.

Spring mix lettuce


Green pepper

Green onion

Bean sprouts


Grated cheese

I promise you…this is soooo yummy.  I never knew how yummy bean sprouts were!  I always loved them in Chinese food (they are my favorite part of it) but had never used them in a salad.  Yum.   And I think alfalfa sprouts would be amazing in it, too…but I couldn’t find any of those.  sad face

I finally completed my sister’s bathing suit and mailed it off to her.  I managed to fit it into a brown envelope but man, shipping is soooo expensive!  They really gotta figure something out about that or people won’t be able to send packages anymore.


I think it’s kind of cute.  I like the combination of red and black.  I have to admit that I kind of like mine without the skirt now.  I still feel really modest with just the shorts and the top.  I actually went swimming in it last week and found that the elastic on the top needed to be tightened around the waist as it floated up enough to be uncomfortable.   But I am waiting to hear the final verdict from my sister as to how it fits, etc.  It’s really hard making custom clothes for someone who isn’t here to try it on at various stages.  So we’re trusting a lot in the pattern.

And I have to add a beautiful picture of my son.  He was so miserable today but I’m hoping he gets a really good sleep tonight (not sure if he’s getting sick or if it’s just the heat).  Anyway, he had a bath before bed so his hair is wet from that but he had pulled his heavy blanket over him that I removed before the pic…so I’m pretty sure some of that is sweat…but isn’t he adorable?


And, yes, I know his pj’s don’t match – he picked out the shirt, hehe.

Tomorrow I plan to post my quilt patch skirt.  It’s my new favorite (and it’s long..yippee!).


2 thoughts on “Yummy Salad Idea and some other stuff

  1. I did make the sheet. This was part of my Mother’s Day Gift. I know, it wasn’t much of a gift for me, lol. But I found this material in Barrington and LOVED it. So perfect for a little boy. Little-by-little I’m getting his room the way I want it. The next step is the ironing of appliques on the wall…but I need all the material for that. =) Love that his room is becoming boyish.

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