Monday’s Musings

Hi Everyone.  I am back after a fabulous week at Family Camp.  I had a super fun time teaching the 6-8 year olds.  They are a load of fun and say the FUNNIEST things.  Here a couple of cute things from the week:

After helping one young girl cut out a Bible shape I was told:

“Miss Hadley (her school teacher) always tells us to cut ABOVE the black line”…hehehehe, oops, guess I failed on that one. =)

At the end of Saturday morning’s session (the last one for the week) another little girl informed us on her way out the door:

“Well, THAT was fun!”  

Bhahahha – I’m glad she thought so.

Darius did so well.  Slept like he was at home, and enjoyed a ton of stimulation while awake.  He did miss his mommy, though.  I was pretty busy teaching/helping my class of 6-8 year olds, helping in the office, life guarding one day, and helping during meal times.  He has gone through a bit of separation anxiety.  And talk about TIRED.  He slept until 9:30 yesterday and until 10 today!  Now, I don’t normally let him sleep that long, but I figured he must be pretty tired so I let him get away with it this week.  Tomorrow we’ll be up early anyways, we’re heading off to visit a friend for the day.

I really wanted to blog about my quiet pages this week but I forgot my quiet book at camp.  I left all my supplies there for the last week of camp and realized later I needed some of the things from the box.  =(   I am going up one night this week so hopefully I can snag those items while I’m there.

This week is all about cleaning my house and hanging with friends.  Tall ships are also in this week (if I remember correctly) and I so plan on snagging my husband for a trip down to the pier to see them at some point. 

I have been working on some projects: refashioned a t-shirt that I didn’t really like (it was too tight around the neck), am reworking the dress I made for D’s dedication as I didn’t like some things about it and I still have a few things to fix on it, took apart a skirt I had made and I am going to refashion it into shorts (it’s been a really warm summer).   Just lots of little things.  I also have some fabulous ideas for my store that I need to get working on and start adding to (and figure out my Etsy thing).  I’m thinking I may wait until I’m done at camp before actually opening it as I don’t want to walk away from it for a week just after opening it.  You know?  Wouldn’t look cool.

And my big project for this week is this Life Story Binder…without the journaling pages.  I have seen a number of these around on Pinterest but this is the first website that actually gives you a list without asking you to first pay for it.  I think it would just be a really great idea to have handy if we’re ever in an emergency situation.

I’ll give you a taste of what I’ve done based on this lady’s blog (will probably end up changing some things) when I finish it (probably Saturday).

Happy Monday Everyone!


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