Skin scrub!

So, a quickie post before I head off to camp for the week.  I was on pinterest the other day and found this amazing recipe for a skin scrub.  I’m talking AMAZING!  I knew I had to try it before camp so I could see how it really works and I am in love.  I think this is going to be a once-a-week thing for me.  It’s really mostly for your legs…while you’re shaving…but I’m never satisfied with what they say you should use it on.  This girl even used it on her arms, yes please!  Girls just love to have smooth skin.  I’m tellin’ ya!  Unfortunately my blog is not allowing me to post a picture properly (it’s hiding half my post) AND it won’t link up to the website…so I’ll add the whole url so you can go check out the recipe.

Here are the ingredients.

1/2 cup of oil (coconut, almond, olive, etc)

1 1/4 cups of sugar

3 tbsp lemon juice

The person who blogged about this used olive oil.  I used coconut oil (because I didn’t have olive and I am totally sold on coconut oil).   I have never had such smooth skin.  I used it on my back (always a very itchy spot), my legs, my underarms…yup, it was that great.   You will love it if you try it, my friends.

Link up to the actual recipe here:

And before I go I just have to insert a note about coconut oil.  A friend of mine had pinned quite a few posts about the benefits of coconut oil a few months ago and I had thought at the time, Whatever that is sooooo expensive.  But then I bought a container, on a whim, from the health food store and started using it, little by little, for small things (like frying fish, etc).   This past week my little guy had this horrible face rash (that he’s had for a few months now from teething but is getting worse).  Yesterday his face was literally peeling.  I felt so bad for him.  The cream from the doctor was just not helping.  I started googling things to do with tea tree oil because of its antiseptic properties and I came across a post for a moisturizer.  It was really just a plant-based oil with the tea tree oil included.  So easy, I thought, why not try it with the coconut oil?  So last night I mixed up a batch for him and put it on his face before bed (okay, so I did twice before bed).  This morning the really dry skin was gone and the redness down to half what it was yesterday.  I have continued putting this moisturizer on his face and it is over 50% better than it was yesterday!  I am SOLD on coconut oil.  And you don’t even use that much.  I’m talking like a “little dab’l do ya”.  SOLD, SOLD, SOLD.  It’s funny how all-natural beats out the doctor’s prescriptions every time.

Anyhoo, I must run and finish a few things before I head off to camp.   Please pray D sleeps tonight.  He’s been napping really oddly today.  =(


*UPDATE: to update you all on how the coconut oil worked on D’s face – it didn’t.  It helped the first night but then the rash came back super bad.  His face was bleeding by Thursday (sad face).  So, while at camp two wonderful ladies offered me Pure Aloe Vera Gel and I cannot tell you the amazing difference it has made.  His face is almost cleared up.  H and I are jumping for joy.  I have kept the coconut oil/tea tree oil mixture and might try using it after I shave or something as a great moisturizer.  =)


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